adventures in craft beer in Perth and beyond

  • Getting to know The Wheaty

    As a West Australian beer geek I have always known of The Wheatsheaf Hotel, more commonly known as “The Wheaty”, but had not visited. I got to fix that beery injustice…

    WA Beer News #16

    New beers from Feral, Eagle Bay, Otherside and Black Brewing plus there’s plenty more coming up in the coming weeks from Gage Roads, Blasta, Bright Tank and more!

    Australian Craft Brewers Conference: Dr Ina Verstl

    Dr Ina Verstl is the editor of Brauwelt International, an online resource for executives in the brewing and beverage industry. Ina spoke at last week’s Australian Craft Brewers Conference in Adelaide about the definition of craft, more specifically how she sees the definition of craft strongly linked to independence and local.

    WA Beer News #14

    New beers this week from Innate Brewers and Boston Brewery plus a reminder about Eagle Bay and Colonial’s latest releases and a new brewery is about to celebrate their first birthday!