Perth Craft Beer Fest 2017

Perth Craft Beer Fest is back for 2017 and happening right now! I went along to the Friday night session and there is a long list of great breweries to go and see and many of them are using the festival to showcase new beers – here is just a sample of the new brews on offer …


Artisan Brewing De Avond, 9.0 percent ABV

A barrel blend from Shiraz/Pinot Noir barrel, a lovely Belgian-style Oud Bruin brewed in 2016 and a special collaboration with Petition Beer Corner.

Otherside Brewing Social Classic Lager, 4.7 percent ABV

A Helles style that is about being an every man’s beer.

Otherside Brewing American Stout, 5.8 percent ABV

Definitely not sweet with big roasty flavours.

Blasta Brewing Mosaic Pale Ale, 5.4 percent ABV

Juicy, tropical fruit character and a really smooth bitter finish.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Citrus IPA, 7.2 percent ABV

Brewed using fresh oranges and grapefruits from their own farm and all 100% West Australian ingredients.

Blue Mile Brewing IPA, 7.0 percent ABV

Made with relatively new hop variety Fortnight and Simcoe hop powder.

Boston Brewing Rame Head, 7.4 percent ABV

This Red IPA also uses the Fortnight hop variety and boasts passion fruit and melon and balancing sweet malts.

Billabong Brewing Juicy Bob’s NEIPA, 6.0 percent ABV

Following the recent New England IPA style, aka hazy IPA, has been brewed as part of their limited edition range.

Innate Brewers Belgian Dubbel, 6.8 percent ABV

This is head brewer Joel’s salute to the beers that first inspired him.

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