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Stout -v- Stout: Round 3 – Chocolate Cake

The cold winter nights have left me craving stouts so my boyfriend and I decided to conduct a little beer battle – Stout versus Stout. One night after dinner we sat down to a table of three desserts, two stouts, a notepad and a pen (this is what normal people do, right?). This post sees the stouts matching with homemade chocolate cake!

Stout -v- Stout: Round 2 – Chocolate Brownie

Cold nights means STOUT and what better way to explore this great style by diving head first into some good olโ€™ head to head tastings. Going all Aussie, the stouts doing battle are 4 Pines Stout versus Coopers Best Extra. The first round was against homemade Creme Brulee with Coopers Best Extra proving the more exciting match … now it’s round two … bring on the Chocolate Brownies!

Stout -v- Stout: Round 1 – Creme Brulee

Cold nights means STOUT and what better way to explore this great style by diving head first into some good ol’ head to head tastings. First up in girl+beer’s Stout versus Stout is Coopers Best Extra -v- 4 Pines Stout, fighting for best match with homemade Creme Brulee … let the battle begin!

Margaret River + 4 Hours

What to do in Margaret River for 4 hours?

You could walk through the town centre, pick up a take away coffee from The Urban Bean and duck your head into any one of the great stores for local produce, gifts, surf wear or a good book to read. You could park yourself at Settlers Tavern, try a pint of something locally brewed and order a generous and hearty lunch. Or … if you’re me … you cram as much food and beer into that 4 hours as you can …

Saison + Cheese

I was recently inspired by a fellow beer lover asking me on the girl+beer Facebook page about some cheese and Saison matching. I wrote back with a few suggestions and couldn’t get the idea out of my head so I did a little tasting of my own!

Quesadillas + IPA

When we decide to cook Mexican at home it usually ends up being tortillas, always delicious and I always have just one too many! This particular night, however, I decided to stretch my Mexican cooking skills a little further to quesadillas; a Mexican dish that Jamie Oliver describes as “basically a Mexican-style stuffed pancake”. Two different IPAs to match and another successful night in!