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a trio of ales

On Saturday night I had what you might call “a tale of ales” – Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale, Golden Nail and Feral Hop Hog. As I tucked into each of these beers I realised that in many ways they are a tale of a different part of craft beer in WA and even my own craft beer journey …

girl + Dead Pony Club

My first thought when I poured the beer into a glass was “fat bubbles!” It’s full of fresh and crisp fruity hops with a dry bitter finish that practically dares you to take another sip. It’s also a mere 3.8% abv. Yippee! A tasty lower alcohol beer!

Pizza + Beer

Pizza + Beer … have two words ever been so beautiful together? And before you shout “beer and burger” or “sex and violence” at me, I was just trying to have a catchy opening for this blog post. Let’s go on …

Beery Surprises in Capel

Perth is blessed with Cellarbrations Carlisle, International Beer Shop, Mane Liquor and Phoenix Beers to service their passionate take away beery needs. Here in the south west things are not as abundant, at least not on the scale of the aforementioned shops. On the other hand us lucky folk in the south west have more microbreweries than anywhere else in the country so it probably evens it up.

#temptingtuesday – September

What the heck is #temptingtuesday I hear you say? (well, in my head you do). It’s combining my love affair with Twitter, the fun of chatting with great people and my eternal affection for beer. The mechanics are simple, just like its author, where on the first Tuesday of each month I ask the big wide Twitterverse a beer related question. I get inspired and blog the results.

Clancy’s + Nail

There are a few venues that have dishes that I cannot resist, when I’m there I have to have them. I approach some beers in the same way too. Variety is fantastic but sometimes there’s beer that are almost tradition to order or just downright irresistible …

Indian + Coopers Red

Despite how I might make it look in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds I don’t do all the cooking in the house. My partner has dished up some truly tasty meals and I felt it was about time I shared one of these with you (and yes, you can probably come around for dinner, just make sure you bring beer!).