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Sierra Nevada + Cheddar

Beer and cheese are two of my favourite things – stupidly delicious with a huge arrays of flavours and just so damn good together. Just like my beer journey, exploring cheese and beer pairings never ends and is, first and foremost, a lot of fun.

Hottest 100

I get stuck when people ask me what my favourite beer is, it’s a super tough question because it changes constantly depending on mood and how…

girl + Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is an award given from one blogger to another, a way of saying – “Hey, you with the obsessive photo taking and wordpress account, I just love what you’re doing!”

Beer + Podcast

I’m sure it will be unsurprisingly to learn that my regular reading materials consist largely of beer related websites such as: The BeeronessΒ – I’m sure you’ve…

Beer Ravioli

Recently I had a week off work, a mini-holiday, and it seemed the perfect time to get a little creative in the kitchen and try my hand at pasta. Me being me I wanted to include beer in the mix …

Beer Bread is Best

It’s kinda like damper or soda bread; the result is a crumbly hard crust with a soft, dense middle. It’s super tasty and great with a slathering of butter or a dab of beer bacon jam!