Please ask for craft beer

You, the drinker, are the most powerful element of this whole craft beer revolution and we, everyone who works in craft beer, want to see more people like you drinking craft beer!

I don’t know if you’re aware but you, the drinker, are the most powerful element of this whole craft beer revolution and we,¬†everyone who works in craft beer,¬†want to see more people like you.

A huge part of this becoming a reality is having more bottle shops, bars and restaurants stocking a range of great beer.

I’ve written and re-written this post a number of times over the past two weeks and I’ve reached the conclusion that short and sweet is the way to go otherwise I end up rambling … a lot. So here we go …

Commenting and posting on beer loving Facebook groups is one thing but asking the bottle shop/bar/restaurant manager is another thing. The latter can realistically result in more craft beer on more menus and in more fridges.

As a beer sales rep I can tell you that if one person has asked for a specific beer, odds are that a few others have too and store managers and bar managers remember that stuff and that’s how we are going to get more craft beer all over the damn place. Seriously, ask, that’s all it takes, you’d be surprised how big an impact you can have.

What beers would you love to see in your local bottle shop, bar or restaurant?




4 thoughts on “Please ask for craft beer”

  1. Although I love getting into a good craft beer dialogue with my local bottle-o owner, I never really thought about the power of the consumer when it comes to stocking beers at bars/restaurants. I generally just choose from what’s already on the list (whilst perhaps whinging about things I’d rather be drinking! Or heading to places where I already know there’s a good craft beer range). Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Such an explosion at the moment. I’ve tried asking at my local if they would stock things but they are owned by a parent company so their hand is forced. Some great places popping up in my city centre (Leeds, UK) where they rotate loads! Fight the cause

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