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girl + indi brew day

Invite me along to a brewery and I’m going to be a very happy girl, it’s really that simple.

Last Saturday I was at the Indian Ocean Brewery in Mindarie for their annual Indi Brew Day, a day offering brewery tours and tastings of the full Indi range with the brewer, Dave.

girl + re-store

It’s hard to believe you can go to one place for a pasta maker, a bottle of Moon Dog beer, thinly sliced Spanish prosciutto, my favourite rubbery taleggio cheese, authentic balsamic and countless wine and spirits.

girl + SWCBF

A new venue at Busselton’s Old Broadwater Farm, tucked in behind Fairway Drive, gave the festival a bit of a make over for its third year (if my beer soaked brain recalls the years correctly)

girl + beer snob

What can I say? I’m a bit of a beer geek, a beer nerd and certainly a beer enthusiast but I don’t consider myself a “beer snob”. I just don’t like the term “beer snob” but sadly this is what my beloved journal is called and it got me thinking.