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Beer Bacon Jam

This is easily my new favourite condiment that combines all the things I love about food and beer – great balanced flavours that taste amazing.

Eagle versus Goat

Eagle versus Goat – Melbourne versus Dunsborough, feathers versus horns, bird of prey versus surefooted mountain dweller, beer versus beer. A friendly fight at The Pourhouse during WA Beer Week …

#temptingtuesday – November

As WA Beer Week approached I asked you guys a question – what are your top 3 WA beers? The only rule was that they had to be available now, draught or bottle didn’t matter just as long as it was able to be drunk right now.

Beer + Cheese Masterclass

I spent all Saturday at the Fremantle Beer Festival and left just before 10pm with three new hats and a few new favourite beers. I think that easily qualifies as a successful day. During both days of the festival there were masterclasses on various beery topics and on Saturday Margi from Eagle Bay Brewing and I held a masterclass on beer and cheese.

Lagunitas IPA + Cheese

Recently I have been working hard to prepare for my Beer & Cheese Masterclass with Eagle Bay Brewing which is happening at this weekend’s Fremantle BeerFest. Being the determined researcher that I am this means there have been higher than normal levels of beer drinking and cheese eating in the house.

The article I would have liked to have seen

Over the weekend an article appeared in the paper, “Paying top dollar for a pint of posh”. The article disappointed me, I started writing out a list of reasons why but rather than being the person who says “that’s crap” here’s the article I would have liked to have seen instead …