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girl + truffles

Before I went to Truffle Kerfuffle, a truffle festival in Manjimup, I though truffles were expensive, delicious and fungus. After the festival I know that a) I was right about them being fungus b) I was right about the expensive part too, $2000 per kilo and c) I was wrong about the delicious part … they are so much more than that

girl + hotpot

It didn’t matter that iHotPot didn’t stock any Mountain Goat, Stone & Wood or Little Creatures. Of course it would have been nice but the experience would have been totally different.

The Beer Boat that Rocked

Our last Good Beer Week event was the Boatrocker Palate Cleanser. Over the previous nine days my palate had been worked over and over again, it seemed to me that the title of the event was more challenge than promise.

Beer Mac & Cheese

When I found this recipe it was hard to get it out of my head, I wanted to make it right there and then. Sadly I couldn’t but finally I got my beer mac & cheese and damn it was good.

Girl + GABS

This year saw 90 unique beers hit the taps! Combined with lots of old favourites from dozens upon dozens of brewers, it was enough to blow my Untappd count into the next century (if I could be bothered updating it frequently of course!)

Pint of Origin SA – The Tramway Hotel

My partner and I had been enjoying walking around Melbourne during our Good Beer Week, it felt like a trade off for all the amazing food and beer we were consuming. So when we left The Gertrude to visit another Pint of Origin venue, The Tramway, we opted for walking instead of taking a tram.

Pint of Origin TAS – The Gertrude Hotel

I don’t know a lot about Tasmanian beer except for Cascade and Boag’s and the “pure Tasmanian water”, I know I’ve heard that phrase a lot. So I was definitely looking forward to introducing myself to some new beery Tasmanian friends at The Gertrude Hotel, home to the TAS Pint of Origin.

When Rabbits Attack

There were a few possible titles for this blog post – alternatives included “bunnies plague”, “bunnies take Melbourne” and “no, its rabbit season!”, the latter in my best Elmar Fudd voice.