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Thinking about flavour …

We all know that flavours in craft beer are practically limitless, that’s what lets us sit down to beers that are adventurous and beer that are very traditional. On any given day we can sip on a Cantillion lambic, traditionally brewed with raspberries, or a Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale made with smoked bacon and pure maple flavouring.

girl + chilli

Chilli con carne is more than just a tasty meal, it’s the total delight at having a kitchen bench full of spices and colour and the aroma filling the entire house. It’s about slouching on the couch afterwards in your favourite trackies and being full and happy. And yes, it’s totally made better with beer.

#temptingtuesday – October

It feels like low booze beers are difficult to come across in our beloved craft beer world in which demand for flavour continues to surpass higher and higher peaks. I think about low ABV (alcohol by volume) beers when I know I’ll have to drive but with more and more extremely tasty low booze beers available it’s time to remember they are no longer just for times of responsibility.