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Pie + Beer

Pies and beers! Yes, I know, it’s not exactly a revolutionary concept but I’m not talking about questionable meat encased in stale pastry and wrapped in microwave safe plastic. Though this isn’t to say you won’t catch me occasionally devouring a servo pie on a road trip up to Perth. However, in this instance I’m talking about a twist on the old favourite.

Stouts + Tarts

In order to further develop my experience in cooking with beer I decided to purchase a book – “Cooking with Beer” seemed to be a pretty safe bet given the fairly clear title. It’s by Paul Mercurio who I think of as a) the Strictly Ballroom guy and b) the guy who really likes beer who was in Strictly Ballroom. The first recipe I decided to try was the ‘Onion, Stout and Goats Cheese Tarts’, not only because they sounded really tasty but because my most recent trip to Cellarbrations Carsisle had seen me bring home quite a number of stouts.

Fish + Pilsener

I had never been to The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory before. At the risk of sounding like a borderline alcoholic I strongly suspect that the…

Laksa + Hops

It’s always a great journey when you discover a new beer, regardless whether you enjoy it or you find it’s not quite your cup of tea. I recently went to visit the guys at Cellarbrations at Carlisle so our fridge currently has a full shelf of beers I have never tried before. During the always difficult selection process, hampered only by my credit card limit, I was asked “do you like hoppy beers?”, “hell yes” I replied, or at least something to that effect. That’s when a bottle of Heretic Evil Cousin landed in my shopping basket. The label had the words “A massively hoppy imperial IPA” on it … what’s a girl to do?!