WA Beer News #6

There is a lot of stuff happening in WA’s craft beer scene that it’s genuinely hard to keep up with all the new beer releases, beer dinners, free bottle shop tastings, expansion plans, constantly rotating beer taps, beer festivals … WA really is kicking ass when it comes to craft beer and so I thought I’d try and make a regular feature out of all the beery news that our state has to offer.

There is a lot of stuff happening in WA’s craft beer scene that it’s genuinely hard to keep up with all the new beer releases, beer dinners, free bottle shop tastings, expansion plans, constantly rotating beer taps, beer festivals … WA really is kicking ass when it comes to craft beer and so I thought I’d try and make a regular feature out of all the beery news that our state has to offer.

The girl+beer Facebook page has a list of upcoming beer events that you might find worth subscribing to!

Bootleg Brewery

In mid-March Bootleg Brewery will be releasing a passionfruit gose, their second gose style beer. There are plans for a traditional gose to be available in bottles in April and if you like it, maybe it will be more than a limited release.

Other upcoming releases coming out will be the next edition of Hop Swap, their single hop beers, which will feature a New Zealand variety called Brooklyn. The brew sheet will call for a simple malt bill and lots and lots of hops. Other hoppy news comes in the form of another release of their Pants Down Double IPA that should appear towards the end of March.

There will also be a special release for St Patrick’s Day, a milk stout, that will only be available on tap at selected venues. Brewers notes for the milk stout are “gentle coffee and chocolate notes with a bit of extra sweetness from the lactose.” For Easter, Bootleg will be bringing out their big gun, the Imperial Bull, their iconic Raging Bull strong porter aged in red wine barrels.


Otherside Brewing recently released their first Pilot Series brew, a limited release range of beers, called Harvest Red Ale, on tap at selected craft beer loving venues. Harvest Red Ale will also be made available in cans very soon, the can featuring artwork by Fremantle artist David Spencer.

Otherside Harvest Red Ale

Little creatures brewinG

The second release in the Little Creatures VHA series, very hoppy ale, was recently released on tap and 640ml bottles. They’ve called it a summer IPA and it features a big dose of US Citra hops.

I was lucky enough to get a freebie of the beer in the mail and it’s a lovely drop! Aromas of fresh grapefruit and pineapple and it follows through in the flavour with a lot of citrus and some light toastiness.


Little Creatures have also just released ‘Elsie’, a beer brewed at the Fremantle brewery and made just for WA.

“Elsie is inspired by the gold rush era Steam Ales of California. It’s our adaptation made fresh locally on our very own West Coast,” says Russ Gosling – head brewer Little Creatures Fremantle.

The beer is named after the beloved brewery kombi Elsie (geddit … LC … Little Creatures) who has been at the brewery since day one and delivered the first ever kegs.

Again I was fortunate enough to get a couple of bottles delivered to me to try. Delicate citrus and herbal flavours, a fluffy mouth feel and a dry finish make this beer really tasty and very refreshing.


Mash Brewing will be releasing their Indian Ale in a can soon, it joins their Gov’nor Big Pale Ale and the New Norcia Abbey Ale. The brewery will likely host a small launch event for the Indian Ale cans at their Swan Valley brewery offering a chance to chat with the brewers and, of course, drink some beer!


Later in the month they will also release Black Cat, a black IPA taking all the American hop flavour we love in their award winning Copy Cat AIPA with a good marriage of black malts.

Also on the cards is a 3.5 percent ABV beer called 3 Fiddy.


Eagle Bay Brewing continue their run of collaborations with a recent team up with Fremantle hot spot The Mantle, namely the restaurant Don Tapa and the bar Alter Ego. The release is part of the Taste of The Kimberley & WA, a week celebrating native flavours and culture.

Top L-R: Gerome and Adrian from Eagle Bay Brewing
Bottom L-R: Owen from Alter Ego, Stuart from Don Tapa and Nick from Eagle Bay Brewing

The beer is called West Coast Native Ale and it is a Native Lime & Anise Myrtle Wheat Beer. Owen from Alter Ego and Stuart Laws from Don Tapa headed down to Eagle Bay to help with brew day. It’s only available on tap and in very limited quantities, it’s on tap at Alter Ego Bar in Fremantle and appearing soon at Budburst Small Bar, Mt Hawthorn.

The next Brewers Series is also coming soon, this week in fact, with an intimate launch at Budburst Small Bar on Tuesday 14th March 5-7pm. The beer is their Black IPA, a firm favourite for me, with Simcoe, Centenial and Cascade hops. Entry to the event is free with the bar putting on some great food specials too.

Photo courtesy of Eagle Bay Brewing Co


The next seasonal release starts pouring from the taps of Northbridge Brewing Co this week with their Mosaic’s Beard XPA. The beer will be launched at this months ‘beer club’ event where head brewer Ken Arrowsmith will take guests through a tasting of this beer and five others of a similar style.

The event is Wednesday and costs just $25pp and includes beer samples, nibbles and a beer quiz! Tickets available via email at info@northbridgebrewingco.com.au or phone the brewery direct on (08) 96151 6481


Black Brewing have been playing around with a brand new commercial hop variety called Denali but I’m thinking it’s trial name Nuggetzilla is pretty kick ass! It’s been used to make a beer their calling ‘xXxPA’ and it’s going to be a BIG one with an ABV of 9.8 percent.

The guys at Black Brewing say we can expect “huge pineapple, candied orange and straight up getting freaky with a pine forrest!”

The batch is very limited and will be available in 330ml bottles and on tap at selected venues.


WA Beer News #2

News and stuff about what’s happening in WA craft beer

There is a lot of stuff happening in WA’s craft beer scene that it’s genuinely hard to keep up with all the new beer releases, beer dinners, free bottle shop tastings, expansion plans, constantly rotating beer taps, beer festivals … WA really is kicking ass when it comes to craft beer and so I thought I’d try and make a regular feature out of all the beery news that our state has to offer.

The girl+beer Facebook page has a list of upcoming beer events that you might find worth subscribing to!

Little Creatures gets hoppy

It’s been a little wait but Little Creatures ‘Single Batch’ beers back! Now in 640ml tall bottles – a change up from their previous Little Creatures pint size bottle – the series returns with a double IPA called “Very Hoppy Ale” aka VHA.

VHA uses seven different hop varieties and the recipe took inspiration from their 2011 Single Batch release – The Big Dipper.

A very limited number of bottles are available from their Fremantle brewery where it’s also on tap, limited number of kegs too of course! A little birdy tells me the beer will make an appearance at this weekend’s BeauVine Festival in Highgate but there’ll only be ONE KEG so get in quickly.

Image from Little Creatures Facebook page
Image from Little Creatures Facebook page

WA Beer Week is COMING

This year is the 15th annual WA Beer Week which I am pretty sure makes us the oldest beer week in the country! There’s over 40 events across the “week” which is, as always, actually ten days and starts on Friday 11 November, running until 20 November.

Fremantle BeerFest is on the first weekend of the week spanning three days – it’s not just beer either, plenty of cider, live music, master classes and comedy shows too. Local legends Cellarbrations Superstore will be the retail sponsors of the festival and not only will they be hosting a master class but also pouring a collab beer they’ve been working on with a few local breweries!

2014 Fremantle BeerFest
2014 Fremantle BeerFest

An event guide will be coming out with an upcoming edition of The Sunday Times but if you can’t wait and want to plan out your sick days / holidays / late mornings now, you can check out the website for full details and also buy tickets here.

Aging on The Beer Farm

A short and sweet post on Facebook this week showed The Beer Farm have had some Saison aging away in barrel, it’s been in for three months and they’re unleashing it this weekend. It’s available only at the brewery so if you’re down south this weekend, stop in and please let me know how it is!

The Beer Farm

Spotted on tap this week …

Otherside Brewing Co. Festival Ale at Old Faithful, Northbridge

Gage Roads Little Dove at Clarence’s, Mt Lawley

Cheeky Monkey Hop Flinger IPA at Indian Ocean Brewery, Mindarie

Boston Brewery Marzen at The Flying Scotsman, Mt Lawley


Weekend Reading #30

This week features articles on Little Creatures Pale Ale and asking has it really changed or not, a beer geek science article on yeast and bacteria and a short case for wine glasses

I love lounging in bed on weekends and catching up on all my favourite beery reading. From blogs to articles from the American craft beer scene and the best local beer news, there’s excellent reading material out there so every Friday I’m posting a list of the articles and blogs that have excited me.

It’s been a rather crazy busy week in my day job plus it’s been muggy and hot all week, this has resulted in me being in a constant state of sweat, craving sleep and my partner and I getting our ‘indoor camping’ on by sleeping in the lounge room to be under the air conditioning. This has also meant a heck of a lot less writing which I think makes me a very bad blogger for this week. Fortunately I have still been reading so here’s Weekend Reading #30 for your beery reading pleasure …

Australian Brews News | Little Creatures – Change for the Better

As far as Little Creatures is concerned I am happy to admit to some bias. I worked for the company for a couple of years as a sales rep and I genuinely enjoyed my job. I loved the beers, the people and its history and the weird little facts like that the site was previous a crocodile park, something I remember as a terrified child, and that the Pale Ale was actually called ‘Live’ when it was first released, so named in tribute to the yeast. Anyway, you get it, I like Little Creatures so when they were bought by Lion Nathan and I read the backlash on Facebook I couldn’t help but take a little offense.

I liked this article because it’s exactly how I remember the brewery and Russ, the head brewer. When I worked there, when it was independently owned, the brewers did their weekly tastings, they adjusted the brews when their new shipment of hop flowers arrived (that was a cool day at the brewery!).

Have a read of this article for yourself, even take in the comments if you wish.

I think there is a lot to be said for someone’s palate changing more than a beer and for the increased exposure of things. When you first had an olive it may have tasted like the biggest flavour you ever had, now you might eat them by the bowl full. At the same time, you’re really liking olives now so you’re trying different types of olives, marinated in different flavours and stuffed with feta or pickled. There’s so much flavour now, they’re all different, it doesn’t mean the plain black olive changed.

Larsblog | What is it that ferments lambic?

Unleash your inner beer geek with this article that I have bookmarked because I need to read it another forty times to really take it in. It tells of a study looking at the yeast and bacteria in play at Cantillon in one of their lambics. We’re talking graphs, science and two new types of bacteria. Oh yeah baby, this is one sexy article.

In all seriousness, it’s a fantastic read and I can’t wait to read it again.

“It’s no surprise that lambic is complex in flavour given the ragbag army of microorganisms that go on the rampage in the fermenting wort

Draft Magazine | The case for drinking big beers out of wine glasses

I have yet to convert to complete beer geekery with a full range of proper beer glasses at home, it’s more out of laziness than non-believing. I am pretty happy with our wine, tall & straight and tulip glass options for our home beer drinking needs. Besides, we don’t drink much wine at home anyway!



Hottest 100 2014

As I get older I find my interest in Triple J’s Hottest 100 fading away; I put this down to the fact that as I am pulled kicking and screaming into my mid-thirties I now say things like “I don’t get this song” about new music and “f**k yeah!” when I hear stuff that was released when I was in my teens/early twenties.

On the flipside, The Local Taphouse Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers is increasingly of interest to me. The all Australian beer countdown is hosted by Melbourne venue The Local Taphouse, with support from Australian Brews News & Crafty Pint, and counts down our countries favourite beers from 100 to 1 on Australia Day.

See the full list of 100 beers here

Some feel as though the countdown is a bit boring what with Feral Hop Hog and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale taking out 1st and 2nd position in 2012 and 2013. Incidentally they did it again for 2014 and whilst many predicted this result for the third year running, a pretty impressive achievement even if it’s a bit repetitious, there is a lot that isn’t at all predictable from 3rd to 100th.

Excellent infographic of the 2014 results here

Here is what I noticed from the countdown –

Little Creatures

When Little Creatures was bought by Lion Nathan in 2012 there was some talk of a falling out between craft beer drinkers and LC Pale, the prediction of the end of a great love affair. Yet in this poll by aforementioned craft beer drinkers Little Creatures Pale was voted –

2012 – Little Creatures Pale Ale #3

2013 – Little Creatures Pale Ale #3

2014 – Little Creatures Pale Ale #4

I thought this year may have seen a bigger drop in Fremantle’s favourite brew but it held strong. To think this beer was #1 when the poll first started in 2008 and eight years later it continues to poll in the top 5 is fairly remarkable.

Little Creatures at Gourmet Escape 2012

On a side note Little Creatures Bright Ale jumped up 29 positions to #51. That’s huge! I have no idea what would cause this jump, I know personally I have had an on/off relationship with Bright. When it first came out I loved it, dare I say it, it was my favourite LC beer. Then I went off it, I found it too lolly sweet and now, probably in the last twelve months, I have actually enjoyed a few pint bottles of it.

Another great analysis of results can be found here at Crafty Pint

Mash Copy Cat

I genuinely wasn’t sure where this beer would poll, trying to weigh up the accolades both beer and brewery collected in 2014 with the fact that it’s a WA beer in a poll generally dominated by VIC . I think to debut at #16 is pretty impressive, equal to the impressive nature of the beer itself I reckon.

How WA Breweries Performed

Feral took the most positions with six beers in the poll followed by four beers from Little Creatures and three from Nail Brewing.

Feral Beers


Tasting Paddle at Feral Brewing

How I voted

I was happy to see that three of the five beers I voted for made it into the list –

#33 – Feral Watermelon Warhead

#66 – Nail – Red Ale

#70 – La Sirene – Wild Saison

My Votes - Hottest 100 Beers 2014

How I voted

Whilst I knew Cheeky Monkey was an unlikely show in the poll since their distribution isn’t much greater than WA, I was still eager to vote for it because it was such a stupidly delicious beer.

GABS 2015 will be in May hitting Melbourne and Sydney, check out the website for more info.

GABS Beers

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular aka GABS is one of the best beer events on the Australian calendar and part of the festival involves ‘GABS Beers’, beers brewed specially for the festival. The result of a brief like this is more than 100 totally unique beers to make your Untappd check in’s skyrocket.

La Sirene’s Praline scored the highest of the GABS beers at #5 and I am super stoked I bought one from Mane Liquor when I saw it. It’s also one of the few beers I didn’t try when I was at GABS last year.

GABS Booklet 2014

See? No scratchy notes = I didn’t try La Sirene Praline at GABS 2014

Another good read can be found here at Beer is Your Friend where Glen gives his thoughts on the countdown.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Two Birds Taco place at #13, not bad considering it was a GABS beer in 2013 before being made available in bottles in about April 2014. Clearly the bottled beer was an equal success and probably able to reach more hands than at GABS because it climbed 12 places from 2013.


If you like beer, whatever beer, get in and vote next year!

Did anything stand out to you about the poll? Any surprises? Did all your beers get into the countdown?

GABS + Five Bar

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammah, Muhammah must go to the mountain …

“If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain”

proverb: If someone won’t do as you wish or a situation can’t be arranged to suit you, you must accept it and change your plans accordingly.


GABS: The Great Australiasian Beer SpecTAPular – part of Melbourne’s Good Beer Week featuring over 100 unique festival beers all launched during the event.

Perhaps inspired by this old proverb or perhaps just overcome with jealously of Melbourne’s GABS festival, Five Bar in Mt Lawley arranged for some of WA’s GABS beers to appear alongside a specially designed menu by Beersine aka Mitch.

Five Bar: 560 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

The beer list and menu looked like this:

Cheeky Monkey Rastapopolouse Belgian Stout

paired with: Bahen & Co Chocolate Mousse with Smoked Plums

Naked Monkey Old Fashoined Double IPA

paired with: Slow Cooked Beer Short Rib

Little Creatures SS Menno Sour Beer

paired with: Singapore Chicken and Rice

This was my dinner and a mighty fine dinner it was! Back in my bartending days I had many, many late night dinners at Uncle Billy’s in Northbridge and one of my favourite, must-have dishes was the vinegar chicken. Soft chicken, slightly crispy skin and that powerful acidic sauce that’s so addictive I’d practically drink it from the bowl.

This pairing of MM Menno and Singapore Chicken took me back to those meals, the beer filling the shoes of a tangy dressing, complementing the lemon grass and gingery notes of the dish. It all played out very nicely and was not a match I was expecting. I love surprises!

Sorry for the very average photo - apparently being hungry does not make me a good photographer!
Sorry for the very average photo – apparently being hungry does not make me a good photographer!

Eagle Bay Nigella’s Mulberry Beer

paired with: Beersine Paprika Cured Pork Loin with Pickled Fennel

Bootleg Peanut Butter Amber Ale

paired with: Sour Strawberry Jelly Sandwich

I loved this pairing. Peanut butter ale and strawberry jelly?! Talk about big kid food! The two went together really well and kept in the spirit of the original GABS beer idea of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich beer made by two different breweries – Bootleg taking the peanut butter half and NSW brewing Thirsty Crow taking care of the jelly bit with a strawberry jelly sour.

Beer is Your Friend, a great Australian beer blog, did an interview series with some GABS brewers including Thirsty Crow – you can check it out here.

Colonial Gary Le Bron Musk Saison

paired with: Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Pepper Croquettes with Aioli

These croquettes sold out before I could get my grubby little hands on them but I heard nothing but great reports. Perhaps if I ask nicely Beersine will whip these up again some day!

Gary Le Bron

The Monk Dark Monk Black IPA

paired with: Five’s Beef Tartare with Brioche and Truffle Oil

Feral Funk’N Phresh 100% Brett Ale

paired with: Coconut and Lime Cured Salmon with Cucumber Salad

Five Bar's Andy Mac is a little excited about the beers
Five Bar’s Andy Mac is a little excited about the beers

a trio of ales

On Saturday night I had what you might call “a tale of ales” – Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale, Golden Nail and Feral Hop Hog. As I tucked into each of these beers I realised that in many ways they are a tale of a different part of craft beer in WA and even my own craft beer journey …

I’m not sure what the collective noun for many ales would be. A hop back of ales? A tank of ales? A headache of ales perhaps? On Saturday night I had what you might call “a tale of ales” – Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale, Golden Nail and Feral Hop Hog. It wasn’t a conscious decision to get these specific beers instead my partner and I had been doing food shopping at the Bunbury Farmers Market popped into Dan Murphy’s on the way home. We happily grabbed the last 6 pack of Golden Nail, there was a 2 for deal on the four packs of Alpha and, frankly, it’s hard to go past the Hog without it leaping from the shelf and begging to be taken home.

As I tucked into each of these beers I realised that in many ways they are a tale of a different part of craft beer in WA and even my own craft beer journey …

a trio of ales

Matilda Bay Brewing – their story, my stories and their Alpha Pale Ale

The short version of the Matilda Bay story starts in 1984, brewing at The Sail & Anchor in Fremantle and this is generally considered the birth of craft beer in WA. It came about when a few friends wanted to make tasty, hand crafted and full flavoured beers. A lot of years, cash and beer and several moves later the brewery is now in Melbourne.

I was lucky to be able to go through the Matilda Bay Brewery in WA before they shut up shop and moved east. They had these big beautiful copper tanks that looked amazing. There was also a big occupational health and safety poster on the wall with an extreme close up of an eyeball with a nail in it. Who on earth brings a nail gun to a brewery?! Anyway, moving along …

The story of Matilda Bay is fairly well known however I have to giggle when I read this from their website:

They purchased a small pub called the Freemasons Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia, installed a brewery and reopened as the Sail & Anchor Hotel. The brewery at the pub enabled the guys to control the quality and presentation of the beers and talk directly to the growing legions of converts.

I don’t giggle to make mockery of them or because I disagree, I don’t at all. I have a lot of respect for Matilda Bay. I only giggle because the way Phil Sexton, co-founder of Matilda Bay, once told the story to me, well me and a group of other people …

In 2010 I was working for Little Creatures Brewing which was then still part owned by Phil Sexton. I was a sales rep and during one of our sales conferences we were lucky enough to do a beer tasting with Phil. He picked a small range of beers and we sat, tasted the beers and we all asked a LOT of questions of Phil, hammering him like some kind of beery interrogation. After all how often do you get to pick the brain of someone who co-founded the likes of Matilda Bay, Dome Coffee and Little Creatures?

Taking a break from the sales conference and playing footy across from the brewery (2010)
Taking a break from the sales conference and playing footy across from the brewery (2010)

I remember asking Phil what had made them decide to buy a pub? I had braced myself for an answer filled with strategic thinking and powerful foresight. Instead Phil laughed and replied with a very simple answer – no-one wanted to buy their beer, if they wanted to sell their beer they were going to have to buy a pub so they could sell it themselves. It was hard to imagine Phil Sexton rocking up to bottle shops and bars and his beer being rejected by all of them. But that’s what happened.

So they bought a pub and you might be wondering, like I was, why that one in particular? Why The Sail & Anchor? I asked Phil. He smiled and simply said, “because it was the cheapest”.

Brilliant! I love this answer because it removes all the marketing spin and business awe and takes into account a) sheer determination b) dumb luck and c) a ‘screw you, I’ll find another way’ attitude that I think makes for a far more entertaining story than the one on the website.

But what about the beer?

Well Redback Original is my nostalgic favourite of the Matilda Bay line up. It brings back fond memories of my dad drinking it at The Sail & Anchor after a morning of him, me and mum wandering through the Fremantle Markets. However if you’re talking about flavour and taste then it’s gotta be Alpha Pale Ale. Piney, tropical fruits, pineapple and just a seriously tasty pale ale. I know my craft beer heart isn’t supposed to like Matilda Bay beers since they are one of the big brewers, the enemy, etc etc but this is a damn good drop.

Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale

girl + Dead Pony Club

My first thought when I poured the beer into a glass was “fat bubbles!” It’s full of fresh and crisp fruity hops with a dry bitter finish that practically dares you to take another sip. It’s also a mere 3.8% abv. Yippee! A tasty lower alcohol beer!

Brewdog Dead Pony Club

For those unfamiliar with the beer called Dead Pony Club from Scottish brewers Brewdog, the title of this post may seem a touch weird / creepy / a cry for help. For everyone else it’s just another blog post about a nice tasting beer.

So, Dead Pony Club – why the name? I honestly couldn’t say. I love a quirky website and punchy beer blurb but this made zero sense to me. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know anything about howitzers, internal combustion or mufflers. Heck, I don’t know anything about ponies either. My dad has two miniature horses which are definitely not ponies and that’s as far as my pony knowledge goes but I’m getting somewhat sidetracked. Why is this beer called Dead Pony Club? I don’t know. Does it taste good? Yes it does.

Something you can't do with bottles ...
Something you can’t do with bottles …

My first thought when I poured the beer into a glass was “fat bubbles!” It’s full of fresh and crisp fruity hops with a dry bitter finish that practically dares you to take another sip. This beer is all about the hops but not in an overbearing way. There’s piney, grapefruit and citrus notes and I got a little grassiness and biscuit flavours to boot.

It’s also a mere 3.8% abv. Yippee! A tasty lower alcohol beer!

For whatever reason the beers with big booze numbers get a fair bit of attention. Big booze is sometimes mistakenly equated with brilliance. The same can be said for high IBU and massively hopped beers. In reality, and I’m probably stating the obvious, it’s about balance over and above claiming the “biggest” something.

Dead Pony Club is well balanced and tasty with great fresh hop characters and is less than 5% abv, adding to it’s appeal. I can have a few of these and not worry about the booze factor too much or more accurately about the headache the next day. I’ve noticed that since turning thirty I don’t bounce back from boozy nights as brightly as I used to.

The problem is that great tasting, full flavoured lower alcohol beers are hard to come by. Recently my partner tried a booze free beer and when I asked how it tasted he replied “like sadness”.

Here are a few of my favourite low booze beers that don’t taste like sadness, regret or any other depressing flavours …

Little Creatures Rogers’

3.8% abv | Little Creatures Brewing | Fremantle (WA)

This is my go-to lower alcohol beer. Fun fact about this beer – the name is Rogers’ not Roger’s, as in it doesn’t belong to one guy named Roger but it belongs to two guys named Roger – namely Roger Bussell and Roger Bailey who designed the beer. I guess “fun fact” might depend on your definition of fun. Anyway, this malty, hoppy amber ale has long been a favourite of mine and has become pretty widely available.

Cheeky Monkey Travelling Monk

3.5% abv | Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery | Margaret River (WA)

It pours a gorgeous deep amber colour, you gotta love a sexy appearance, and is a great balance of sweet malt and fresh hops. I get hints of marmalade and oranges too. Available at the brewery, in bottles and mini kegs.

Mini Kegs from Cheeky Monkey

Eagle Bay Mild Ale

3.5% abv | Eagle Bay Brewing | Eagle Bay (WA)

Tropical fruits, a little citrus and good bitterness. Available at the brewery and in bottles.

Eagle Bay Mild at Morrie’s Anytime, Margaret River