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girl + festival [part 2]

A few days before the South West Craft Beer Festival I received an email from Carolina at Buzz Marketing, the team behind the event, to tell me I had been chosen to participate as a beer judge. Moi? A judge? It seemed a little strange since my only qualification is drinking. I have not studied brewing nor have I home brewed, I’ve just enjoyed drinking and recently done a little typing but hey, I was happy to run with it. It sounded like a good fun!

girl + festival [part 1]

Recently the second annual South West Craft Beer Festival was held at 3 Oceans Winery in Margaret River. I went along on behalf of The Crafty Pint, you can read my article for Crafty here, so I was lucky enough to attend both days as a VIP.

Eagle Bay + Summer

For those unfamiliar with the Eagle Bay Single Batch range it’s a one off brew of about 1000 litres that changes whenever it runs out. Their latest is a Summer Ale and follows in the tasty footsteps of Romp Ferme Saison, Cacao Stout and American Brown Ale and it doesn’t disappoint.

Picnic + Beer

One weekend afternoon my partner and I decided to take a late picnic lunch. After a bit of time on the phone to the Ferguson Valley tourist information office we picked our destination – Crooked Brook Forest

Blue Cheese + Grandfather

A couple of months ago I excitedly purchased a bottle of The Grandfather Barley Wine by Bootleg Brewery. The Grandfather is only bottled once a year, a mere 800 bottles, and it was happy fortune that I was at Bootleg just days after they bottled the 2012 edition.

Australia Day + The Convict

Gage Roads Brewing Company have released a couple of cracking limited release beers in their lifetime. A long time ago I was working as a rep for them and they released a Saison and a Trippel – one of them was sensational but for the life of me, and probably due to a number of years and beers passing, I can’t seem to remember which one. Fast forward five years since then to 2013 and I was at home about to open a bottle of Gage Roads The Convict, an Australian Strong Ale on the eve of Australia Day. It just seemed like the right thing to do.