a beer list in a make-believe bar #2

Welcome to my make-believe bar with six taps and five packaged beers; here’s what I am serving right now. Aka an excuse for me to write beer lists.

At the end of October I decided I would have a make-believe bar so that I could indulge in a little beer list writing. It was prompted by a blog post I wrote a couple of months earlier called ‘A few words on beer lists’ and it was one of my most popular posts for the year. It seems a few people agree there are plenty of beer lists out there that could do with a little TLC.

A few notes on my beer lists –

  • Availability – I will try to only list beers that are available here in Perth
  • Price – Whilst I don’t know the cost of goods on all beers, nor am I inclined to go and get them for a make-believe bar, I will try my best to have a good spread of beers across a reasonable price.
  • Limited space – capping things at just six taps and five bottled/canned beers.

You can check out the last (and first) beer list here and now it’s time for a little change.

a beer list for the crazy / festive season …


  1. Pirate Life Throwback IPA | Hoppy, mid strength and fabulous
  2. Feral Karma Citra | One of my favourite Black IPAs and one of my most beloved of the Feral range
  3. Eagle Bay Pale Ale | A go-to pale ale, consistently great and tasty
  4. Last Drop Pilsner | There aren’t many local pilsners and this is one of the best
  5. Two Birds Taco | Light enough for summer, interesting enough for the geeks, a freaking great beer
  6. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale | Fast becoming a classic and perfect for the onset of summer

Pirate Life Throwback IPA


  1. Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose | Have been enjoying a few of these lately and I’m totally in love!
  2. Epic Hop Zombie | Bring out the hops!
  3. Colonial Small Ale | A fantastic reduced alcohol beer with one of the most satisfying cans you’ll find
  4. Young Henry’s Newtowner | I’ve only seen the tinnies on Facebook in the last few days so I figure it’s kinda new and I know they’re tasty so why not chuck them on the list for summer?
  5. Holgate Temptress | Something a little dark but not overpowering, even when the weather is hot who wouldn’t want a chocolate porter with a luscious dessert?

Holgate Beers

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