a beer list in a make-believe bar

Welcome to my make-believe bar with six taps and five packaged beers; here’s what I am serving right now. Aka an excuse for me to write beer lists

(above) A set of beer taps at Lalla Rookh, Perth CBD

In August I wrote a blog post called ‘A few words on beer lists’ and it was one of my most popular posts for the year. It seems I am not the only one who feels beer lists are often the forgotten lost souls of a venue, doomed to a life of neglect and boredom.

Inspired by the interest from that blog post and just for some fun, I have decided to indulge in a little make-believe and pretend I have a bar. I’m going to pretend that this bar has six taps and not a huge amount of fridge space so just enough for five packaged beers too. As you’d expect, my beer list will change every couple of months.

A few notes things I will consider for my beer lists –

  • Availability – I will try to only list beers that are available here in Perth
  • Price – Whilst I don’t know the cost of goods on all beers, nor am I inclined to go and get them for a make-believe bar, I can have an educated guess so I will try to have a good spread of beers across a reasonable price.
  • My employer – Initially I was going to exclude anything from Nail Brewing but, as this blog will show, I have always loved the beers from Nail so I will not actively exclude the beers from my lists.

Ok, so here’s what my make-believe bar will be serving for the next couple of months and a brief reason why I picked each beer.

a beer list as we come into summer


  1. Colonial Small Ale | One of my absolute favourite low ABV beers
  2. Eagle Bay Kolsch | An easy drinking, approachable, well made beer
  3. Mash Copy Cat | Something for the hop heads and beer geeks, you gotta have a big pale ale on tap
  4. Nail Red Ale | Something a bit ballsy but not too over the top
  5. Last Drop Hefeweizen | Wheat beers can be one of those “love them or hate them” styles but I love them and this is one of the best Hefes going around
  6. Cowaramup Pilsner | A fantastic pilsner and not often seen on tap

Colonial Small Ale - Brews in the Beer Garden at The Blvd


  1. Gage Roads Single Fin | Staying local and I like the new(ish) branding 
  2. La Sirene Saison | Love all their beers and you just have to throw a saison in there, right?!
  3. Bootleg Raging Bull | Just one dark beer for a summer list and this is a cracker
  4. Pirate Life Pale Ale | Believe the hype, this beer is just so damn good and I don’t mind having a big hoppy beer on tap as well as this given how popular American style pale ales are.
  5. 4 Pines ESB | Something malt driven and delicious

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