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If you don’t want to read a gushy, “I love this place” post about The Pourhouse then you’d best not click on …

I do love to visit The Pourhouse in Dunsborough. The A3 beer menu is filled with delicious beers from cans of Mountain Goat Summer Ale to Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace on one of their guest taps. Trying to pick what to have is like deciding which of your thousands of children you love the most.

The food stacks up to the beers, tasty and with plenty of variety with a couple of Pourhouse classics that are hard to turn down – like the burger with seasoned frittes or the chilli squid and chorizo.

Burgers, Seasoned Frites and Sweet Potato Straws

Good beer, good food, you’ve heard me rave on about this place all before however I’ve probably neglected to talk about service.

For me good service isn’t just about getting it once, its about getting good service every single damn time. Call me greedy but that’s half the service battle, getting it right every time. For me, The Pourhouse has a 100% record.

On my most recent visit I went for dinner mid-week and since I was driving I needed to be responsible, not that this is a huge departure from my normal self of course.

I approached the bar and stared lovingly into the fridges. The bartender Anna, asked what I was looking for.
“A pale or IPA, something under 5% would be nice,” I said.
“Do you normally drink American or English style?” Anna enquired further
Anna pointed to the 8 Wired Semi Conductor Session IPA, a colourful number from our neighbours over the ocean in kiwi-land and at 4.4% wasa great choice for the flavours I was looking for whilst keeping me in the drive-able category. Win, win!

Crisp and vibrant hop character encased in less than 5% abv, there is a delicate malt flavour, cereal-like, that is soft and let’s the hops really sing. I also love the label – colourful, eye catching and fun!


So another great night at The Pourhouse and all is good in the world. And if you needed another excuse to take a look, they have just got on a bunch of new beer books for their shop. Geek out time folks!

Eagle versus Goat

Eagle versus Goat – Melbourne versus Dunsborough, feathers versus horns, bird of prey versus surefooted mountain dweller, beer versus beer. A friendly fight at The Pourhouse during WA Beer Week …

WA Beer Week might be over but I’m behind in my blog posts so I’m inviting you to travel back in time with me.

We’re going back to Wednesday 13th November at The Pourhouse in Dunsborough where Melbourne’s Mountain Goat went head to head, mano-a-mano, feathers to horns to our beloved locals Eagle Bay. It was a great night of beautifully crafted beers, tasty little sliders and lots of beery chat – a perfect casual Wednesday. Here’s a few photos from the night …

Drinkers were asked to place their vote for their favourite beer of the night. The winner was Mountain Goat Summer Ale!
Drinkers were asked to place their vote for their favourite beer of the night. The winner was Mountain Goat Summer Ale!
Brewers Unite! Dave from Mountain Goat and Nick from Eagle Bay kindly indulging my request for a photo
Brewers Unite! Dave from Mountain Goat and Nick from Eagle Bay kindly indulging my request for a photo
Don't they look so happy?!
Happy Brewers!
Four little sliders, perfect for beer!
Four little sliders, perfect for beer!
Two down, two to go!
Two down, two to go!

WA Beer Week – South West Style

For my fellow south west-ians who won’t find themselves in Perth during the “week” I’ve listed together the events in our backyard. I’ll be getting along to as many as I can and I hope to see you there!

If you’re in Perth and thinking about going booze-free for a while I strongly suggest you don’t pick dates from 8 – 17th November because that is WA Beer Week.

Like many other beer weeks across the country WA Beer Week goes for ten days … love it.

There are over 40 events throughout Perth, Fremantle and the south west. From beer and food matching to home brewing and new beer launches there’s an event for the uber-beer-nerd and the beer-curious alike.

For my fellow south west-ians who won’t find themselves in Perth during the “week” I’ve listed together the events in our backyard. I’ll be getting along to as many as I can and I hope to see you there!

All Week Long

Where: Eagle Bay Brewing | Eagle Bay

When: 11am – 5pm Daily

What’s Happening: Hear Hear for Fresh Beer! $15 Growler Refills all week long, treat every day like it’s a Friday and grab yourself a growler using either your Eagle Bay, Mane Liquor or Pourhouse growler.

Wednesday 13th November

Where: The Pourhouse | Dunsborough

When: 7pm

What’s Happening: Eagle v Goat … no, not an actual eagle fighting an actual goat though if it was surely you’d have to bet on the eagle yeah? Anyway, it’s a beer, burger and brewer bonanza with beers from both Eagle Bay and Melbourne’s Mountain Goat on tap and paired with tasty Pourhouse burgers. Brewers from both breweries will be on hand to chat to and even touch*

*touching may require permission, please check with the brewers first

Pourhouse and Burgers

Thursday 14th November

Where: Clancy’s Fish Pub | Dunsborough

When: 6.30pm

What’s Happening: Beer Fact Hunt. Say it fast aloud … did you get it right or say something naughty? Anyway, this annual event is back and well worth coming down for a tasty beer and to put your beery knowledge to the test!

DJ Chet Leonard Hosts Beer Fact Hunt at Clancy's Dunsborough

Friday 15th November

Where: Colonial Brewing | Margaret River

When: 11am – 8.30pm

What’s Happening: Car Park Brew – South West Edition. Pack up your home brew kits / chemical sets / plastic tubs and get them to Colonial for their first ever car park brew! Brewer Justin Fox will be on site for tips and chat whilst doing his own brew day too.

Colonial Brewery

Pourhouse + WA Beer Week

WA Beer Week offered an abundance of events to attend through Perth and the South West which, in turn, meant an abundance of excuses to head down to the nearest bar. The Lawn, upstairs at The Pourhouse in Dunsborough, offered up a $20 burger and beer during the week and the beer taps were taken over by only WA beers.

WA Beer Week, 9th-17th November, offered an abundance of events to attend througout Perth and the South West which, in turn, meant an abundance of excuses to head to the nearest bar.

The Lawn, upstairs at The Pourhouse in Dunsborough, offered up a $20 burger and beer during the week and the beer taps were taken over by only WA beers. Plus, just to show off, they also featured limited release beers including Duckstein Maibock, Colonial Kottbusser, Cheeky Monkey Belgo IPA and the Eagle Bay / Pourhouse collaboration the Romp Ferme Saison.

Myself and my boyfriend / partner-in-beer-crime arrived on Monday afternoon. The sun was shining and we had our pick of seats, it was exactly what we wanted.

I kicked off the afternoon with a Colonial Kottbusser; beautifully straw clear in appearance, the taste was something like a dirty, angry mandarin – take from that what you will.

Sunshine and a pint of Colonial IPA and middy of Kottbusser at The Pourhouse

Next up I had the Duckstein Maibock which I thoroughly enjoyed and totally neglected to jot down any notes. That’ll teach me to a) neglect to write notes and b) attempt to write the post some 7 days later. All I can say on the Duckstein Maibock is that it’s delightful and I look forward to getting another taste during the Margaret River Gourmet Escape this coming weekend.

With two beers down it was time to order some food and after consultation with the staff we both decided on The Lawn Wagu Burger – bacon, vintage cheddar and onion rings … oh YEAH! Other seriously tempting options included the Big Blue and the Pulled Pork.

I chose the Eagle Bay / Pourhouse collaboration brew – the Romp Ferme Saison – to go with the burger, for no real discernible reason other than I’ve generally found Saisons to be great food beers. The Romp Ferme Saison, which I am lead to believe roughly translates into “the farmhouse romp”, has got a lot going on – earthy, honey aromas and flavours of maple syrup, pepper and funky stone fruit, perhaps almost a cooked fruit taste.

The Lawn Wagu Burger is as good as it looks, generous on the ingredients (i.e. not one of those moments when the menu reads “bacon” and it’s the fattiest, smallest sliver you’ve ever seen) and genuinely tasty. The accompaniment of Sweet Potato Straw, though very simple, made for a different and tasty side.

The afternoon finished after two games of Monopoly (each of us with a win under our belt) and a final beer – Cheeky Monkey Belgo IPA. It poured a stunning burnt orange with big aromas of fresh grapefruit like any good American Pale Ale. The bitterness was assertive and piney with some orange on the back and definitively worth going back for seconds.

It was another great trip to The Pourhouse and now with summer almost upon us we have The Lawn to enjoy seven days a week from 5pm plus you can get this great $20 deal every Wednesday.

The Lawn
Upstairs at The Pourhouse

Curry + Chocolate Stout

Wednesday Night at The Pourhouse
Curry + Beer = $20

On a late Wednesday afternoon my stomach was rumbling and I wanted a beer. I will be the first to admit that this is not a particularly unusual state for a day in my life. A quick look on Facebook reminded me that The Pourhouse does Curry+Beer for $20 every Wednesday. Since it was my night to cook dinner the offer was all the more enticing.

My boyfriend and I went straight after work and as it turns out we were not the only ones who decided that getting there early would be a good idea with pockets of the venue were already filling up. The temptation of The Pourhouse was doubled with the week long event – ‘Chocolate Stout Challenge’ – a friendly competition between South West breweries, Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery and Eagle Bay Brewing Company who are each pouring their limited release chocolate stout.

Eagle Bay Chocolate Stout and Cheeky Monkey Cacao Stout

We went directly to the bar, eager to participate in the friendly stout versus stout competition. Cheeky Monkey’s Chocolate Stout is brewed in cahoots with Gabriel Chocolate whilst Eagle Bay collaborated with Bahen & Co Chocolate Makers to brew a Cacao Stout. Whilst chocolate stout may not go with curry it was almost an alliterative match and that was good enough for us.

Our visits to The Pourhouse are frequently defined by boardgames and beer (hello again alliteration!). In the spirit of tradition we picked up a game of monopoly and settled in for a couple of hours. I have never really played Monopoly with any real sense of strategy  which is perhaps why I was left broke on several occasions. Constantly paying super tax and ending up in prison a lot certainly didn’t help matters either. We played throughout dinner and enjoyed another couple of beers, this time a Moody Cow Porter and Colonial IPA.

The Pourhouse | 26 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough
Wednesdays Curry Night – $20 Curry + Beer

The curries were tasty and naan bread is a must and at just $2 its hard to resist. The Pourhouse gives you the choice between three curries – lamb, chicken and eggplant. The promotional material suggests only James Squire beers are available with the curry but don’t fret – you’ll have a choice of whatever is on tap – happy days!

Eggplant, Lentil, Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry with Papadums

As the night went on we suddenly realised we were sitting in a venue that was now standing room only. Not too bad for a Wednesday night during winter in Dunsborough.

Between several games of Monopoly where I was forced to mortgage most of my properties, four beers and two delicious curries we ended up walking out the door very happy and completely forgetting to cast our votes in the Chocolate Stout Challenge. Never mind, another great night at The Pourhouse enjoying a variety of great local beers … no wonder we moved to the South West!

Saturday Night + The Pourhouse

The perfect place for a bunch of beer lovers go for dinner in Dunsborough to debate beer in cans versus beer in bottles, eat great food, check out something interesting off the beer taps and above all else, have a chat and a laugh and good catch up.

Anyone who’s worked hospo will tell you that the best thing about the job isn’t necessarily free and/or cheap booze (depending on your current level of alcohol intake/tolerance/consumption/addiction) but it’s the people you meet. Customers, work mates, booze reps and every person in between, there are some fantastic people around and if you’re really lucky, like me, after you’ve left the bar, you keep in touch and get together for wee shandy or two. Saturday night was one of those nights.

It was our first evening visit to ‘the-bar-formerly-known-as-The-Malt-Market’. Normally our trips to The Pourhouse are in the afternoon and involve playing a few board games, usually inventing slightly altered versions such as Speed Chess. This involves going through the game at breakneck speed and though it sounds relatively simple but it’s not, especially when you’re opponent is waving his arms about and screaming “hurry up!” but at least it’s entertaining.

For those who have not been to The Pourhouse, be sure to add it to your South West to-do-list. It’s a fabulous beer bar with a regularly rotating list of tap beers, dominated by local breweries, plus an expansive list of bottled beers. They’ve got great food served in good time by smiling staff members so combine this with interesting beer and it’s no wonder I like this place. Recently they have teamed up with Eagle Bay Brewery to encourage beer culture in Dunsborough, creating Growlers that can be purchased and refilled at either venue. Happy Days! Growlers appear to have exploded in the last couple of months and bring it the F on, I say! [Click here for more details on The Pourhouse and other great Dunsborough spots]

So we were in a great beer venue and now add in great company (apart from each other, of course!), dining and chatting a lot about beer with Scott & Jess, fellow beer lovers and all round super nice people. They also bought me a wonderful present of Mountain Goat Cross Breed Pepperberry IPA. It’s not often I walk out of a bar with a full unopened beer bottle stuffed into my handbag, I’m sure that wasn’t one of the envisioned items Mimco considered when designing their range of bags.

Burger at The Pourhouse
Tasty and Big!

I started my night with the Renaissance Voyager IPA off tap, an English style IPA brewed in New Zealand. Since I’ve been hammering my palate with American IPA for quite sometime it was nice to change it up a little. Floral and a little spicy, my boyfriend noted some upfront toasty qualities in there too. A lovely little IPA as an opening act. They also offered up their Elemental Porter on their taps if you were looking for velvety dark chocolate tones. Since there was driving to be done later I switched happily to Rogers’ from Little Creatures, Fremantle. Perhaps not the ideal match with my dinner of Mussels Cooked in Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier, Garlic and Shallots but neither detracted from the other. The mussels were big and plump and tasted sensational, I’m normally a fan of chilli mussels but this was light and delicate (much like me, *ahem*) and still full of flavour. The Burger was also very tasty and big, no small portions here folks! But there was just enough room to finish the evening by sharing a bottle of Pot Kettle Black, another great New Zealand production, from the Yeastie Boys. Black and hoppy and always a favourite, it’s always far too long between visits because you fall in love with it every single time. Try it and tell me it’s not true!

We had been debating the idea of beer in a can, debating whether it could take off in Australia rather than actually being fans of the idea (which we all were incidentally) and as though it was planned (though it was only coincidence) Brewdog Punk IPA in it’s two lives appeared – can and stubbie. Only 3 months separated the batches.  The bottle was a little hazy with more pronounced bitterness whilst the can was brighter with more floral and grapefruit elements dominating. It was an interesting exercise, thank you Jess! [check out her photography at] And one I am sure I’ll repeat down the track.

It was great to look around the bar and see growlers hanging from the ceiling, guys and girls with Brewdog Punk IPA, Weihenstephaner glasses, Gauloise Blonde and a variety of glassware for each – beer lovers get down to The Pourhouse, play some games, drink some beer and be sure to get a serve of the Chilli Squid and Chorizo to snack on.

Chilli Squid and Chorizo
The Pourhouse