Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktails are as simple as they sound – cocktails with beer in them. Beer is just another ingredient like any other so it’s kinda like calling a martini a “spirit cocktail” but I digress a little

The Fremantle Beer Fest is happening this weekend – 15 & 16 November – on The Fremantle Esplanade Reserve (in case you hadn’t figured out from my posts all week!) and I think it’s going to be kinda epic. The usual suspects of WA brewing will be there – Eagle Bay, Colonial, Feral, Nail and Gage just to name some, alongside new kids on the block Northbridge Brewing Co and Homestead Brewery.

Whilst indulging in your favourite WA brews and discovering some new ones there are also free master classes happening all weekend long. From home brewing advice to cooking with beer, there is a class to interest everyone.

One of the more unique classes will be held by Andrew Bennett, one of the men behind North Perth bar The Classroom and upcoming crowd-funded bar Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar. It’s called ‘Hoptails’ and  it’s a master class on beer cocktails.

The full schedule of master classes at this years Fremantle Beer Festival

Beer cocktails are as simple as they sound – cocktails with beer in them. Beer is just another ingredient like any other so it’s kinda like calling a martini a “spirit cocktail” but I digress a little.

I’ve noticed beer cocktails are appearing here and there and I have been reading more articles that mention them in the last few months. Articles like – 10 Great Beer Cocktails in Paste Magazine or 26 Drinks that Prove Mixing Beer is a Great Idea on Buzzfeed. Locally I even spotted a beer cocktail in the pages of Australian Bartender Magazine not too long ago.

On a recent trip to Margaret River at the start of October I walked into one of my favourite south-west venues and found their feature cocktail was one of the beery persuasion. Hello, Morries Anytime! Bar manager, Billy, created a gorgeous beer cocktail using Bootleg Speakeasy IPA together with elderflower liqueur, tequila, a splash of juice and fresh rosemary that tickled my nose as I sipped my drink. This was a really beautiful drink.

Please pardon my average photography but there were several drinks consumed before this!

[I would like to add that Billy was awarded AHA Mixologist of the Year earlier this week – CONGRATULATIONS BILLY!]

Billy in action
Billy in action

So if this all sounds tasty and delicious then I think you’re probably right and should head in to see what Andrew Bennett, who also received an Award of Excellence at the AHA Awards, will be stirring and shaking up on Saturday at the Cryer Malt tent at 5pm!

Bring on more beer cocktails!

Good Beer Here: The Classroom

‘Good Beer Here’ looks at the great bars, restaurants and pubs who might not be a craft beer venue exclusively but do have some kick ass brews …

‘Good Beer Here’ is a celebration of pubs, bars and restaurants with great beer. They might not be a “craft beer venue” but they can still have a kick-ass beer list. It puts a big smile on my face to see venues paying equal attention to their beer list as they do their food, wine and cocktails. Those who don’t, those who have settled on a beer list that features Cascade Light, Crown Lager and Stella, are well and truly behind the eight ball. It’s kinda like getting all dressed up for an elegant night out, putting all that thought into your hair, dress, make up and jewelry and then wearing your muddy sneakers. Crown Lager is a muddy sneaker.
Venue: The Clasroom | 1/356 Charles Street, North Perth

They might not have any events in the WA Beer Week calendar but The Classroom in North Perth have been quietly satisfying beer geeks since they opened in 2012.

Wonderfully themed, The Classroom brings back fond childhood memories of primary school days with blackboards and hopscotch markings, metal lunch boxes and hooks for impossibly big bags.

Whilst they are not specifically a craft beer bar they do boast an excellent selection across their four taps and 20 bottles.

The beer lists changes frequently, working with the seasons and whilst they might not have the biggest selection they do hope it’s one of the best.

During WA Beer Week there will be some extra special beers on their taps including Coopers Vintage 2014, a “particular favourite” of Andrew Bennett’s, one of the owners of The Classroom (pictured below). Boatrocker’s Hop Bomb IPA, Nomad Jet Lag IPA and Feral’s Boris, a Russian Imperial Stout, will also make appearances.

Photo from The Classroom's Facebook page
Photo from The Classroom’s Facebook page

If you visit The Classroom during WA Beer Week Andrew recommends having the Boat Rocker Hop Bomb IPA with their Roast Duck Dumplings – the umami flavours should go nicely with the beers bitter hop character.

In other news The Classroom team are working hard on getting their second venue up and running – Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar which is set to become Perth’s first permanent crowd-funded bar. Located on William Street in Northbridge, Lucky Chan’s plans on serving up traditional Japanese ramen noodles, hand-made no less, and dumplings.

Construction has started but there is a long way to go with doors not looking to open until the new year. You can see the progress, or even contribute to the campaign, here.

For beers at Lucky Chan’s Andrew says they will be “reminding people it’s not just Bintang, Sapporo and Asahi”. Beers will be matched to the food, the same synergy between beer and food that you might find at a hawker’s market.

“We’re not going to stick beers on just because they are Asian”

Just like The Classroom it sounds to me like the beer list at Lucky Chan’s will be carefully selected to be interesting and suitable to the food being served. Hear hear for great beer!

Lucky Chan Sneak Peek in early October
Lucky Chan Sneak Peek in early October