girl + pourhouse

If you don’t want to read a gushy, “I love this place” post about The Pourhouse then you’d best not click on …

I do love to visit The Pourhouse in Dunsborough. The A3 beer menu is filled with delicious beers from cans of Mountain Goat Summer Ale to Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace on one of their guest taps. Trying to pick what to have is like deciding which of your thousands of children you love the most.

The food stacks up to the beers, tasty and with plenty of variety with a couple of Pourhouse classics that are hard to turn down – like the burger with seasoned frittes or the chilli squid and chorizo.

Burgers, Seasoned Frites and Sweet Potato Straws

Good beer, good food, you’ve heard me rave on about this place all before however I’ve probably neglected to talk about service.

For me good service isn’t just about getting it once, its about getting good service every single damn time. Call me greedy but that’s half the service battle, getting it right every time. For me, The Pourhouse has a 100% record.

On my most recent visit I went for dinner mid-week and since I was driving I needed to be responsible, not that this is a huge departure from my normal self of course.

I approached the bar and stared lovingly into the fridges. The bartender Anna, asked what I was looking for.
“A pale or IPA, something under 5% would be nice,” I said.
“Do you normally drink American or English style?” Anna enquired further
Anna pointed to the 8 Wired Semi Conductor Session IPA, a colourful number from our neighbours over the ocean in kiwi-land and at 4.4% wasa great choice for the flavours I was looking for whilst keeping me in the drive-able category. Win, win!

Crisp and vibrant hop character encased in less than 5% abv, there is a delicate malt flavour, cereal-like, that is soft and let’s the hops really sing. I also love the label – colourful, eye catching and fun!


So another great night at The Pourhouse and all is good in the world. And if you needed another excuse to take a look, they have just got on a bunch of new beer books for their shop. Geek out time folks!