Nachos, Pizza + Beer = Dinner for One

I had a craving for nachos and a craving for pizza … so I had both. All by myself and with a beer. Take THAT stereotypes!

Recently my partner went up to Perth for a night so I had the challenge of cooking dinner for one. Even when I cook for two people they end up being sized for a small army of ravenous pigs.

Yep. Pig army.

Moving along …

Adding to my problem, which was admittedly a very first world problem, was my indecision between nachos and pizza.

Cheekily I went for both and topped it all off with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Harvest Southern Hemisphere 2013. Yeah baby!

The 2013 Southern Hemisphere Harvest was delicious; aromas of Anzac biscuits and tropical fruits and I got some great hits of toffee, earthiness and more tropical fruit. Each sip had a nice warming feel too.

Not a bad dinner for one if I don’t say so myself –

Nachos and Sierra Nevada

Beetroot and Feta Pizza