What I’ve been doing instead of blogging …

Moving house seems like a horrible process we have created in order to punish ourselves for our overindulgence. I have now moved house three times with the same grey backless dress that I have never worn but seem convinced that one day I’ll wear/fit into/feel comfortable in/all of the above.

Regular readers (hi mum and dad!) may notice the lack of posts in the last week and a bit and it is all due to the process of moving house. The silver lining is the fact my partner and I have purchased a house therefore, if we want, we don’t ever have to move ever again. Instead of flat packing boxes and storing them for the next move I am shoving them into the recycling bin with psychopathic delight.

Not to say that moving house hasn’t involved any beer, quite on the contrary, beer has been very involved in the process – from the careful packing of special bottles I haven’t opened yet like a 2013 Cheeky Monkey Russian Imperial Stout and Boatrocker Mitte, a Berliner Weisse style beer, to drinking it to make the whole process a bit more bearable.

Packing …
Doing a task like this sober seems like an exercise in self loathing. We paired our packing with some 4 Pines Hefeweizen that we had purchased from our new local bottle shop after completing the final inspection of the house. I get the feeling that 4 Pines sales in the area are about to increase significantly.

Procrastinating …
Having decided that going out for a bite to eat on Thursday night, the eve of the big move, was a really good idea we found ourselves at Swallow Bar in Maylands. A little live music and some of the best food I’ve had in recent memory, it was just what we needed to successfully procrastinate for the task at hand.

Swallow Bar - rare beef involtini with horseradish cream, celery heart and crispy garlic

Thank god for removalists, it was the first time we had paid other people to move our stuff and it was money well spent. Oddly enough we didn’t crack any beers until late into the evening. First we opened a bottle of Gosset champagne, my partners favourite, and then we enjoyed some Mornington Peninsula Sorachi, a gift from the guys at Mane Liquor where my partner stopped for celebratory booze.

Thank you to the guys at Mane Liquor who gifted us the beer

Having zero motivation for cooking on the night of said move I decided to try the local fish n chip shop which just so happens to be next door to the bottle shop. I popped in to get some 4 Pines Pale but they were down to their last three single bottles and after 16 hours of moving house it was definitely a 6 pack kinda night. Instead I got some James Squire Porter, a decision made on a whim and the fact it had been raining that day but I hadn’t factored in how much it did not go with fish n chips and how much I didn’t feel like anything remotely roasty. My brain was a little mushy at this point.

Cleaning the old house
Feral Hop Hog, a job so crap deserved a beer decidedly not so. This was our final farewell to renting as we mopped the last part of the floor and shut the door.

More damn unpicking …
How did we end up with so much stuff?!

I decided to delve into our now unpacked and reloaded beer and dug out the Prairie Artisan Ale Prairie Ale, a Belgian style Saison Ale that felt like the liquid reward I had been hoping for. Initial thought was it was a funky lemon meringue pie, the smell on it was utterly gorgeous – cheesecake, sour fruit, citrus and straw, there was a lot going on but nothing overwhelming, like a really polite meeting where everyone gets to have their say.

One of the tastiest beers I have had this week

Beer + Moving House

Moving house sucks. Fact. Thankfully though I wasn’t completely without some tasty beers throughout the process.

Moving house sucks. Fact. Thankfully though I wasn’t completely without some tasty beers throughout the process.

The adventure of moving back to Perth from the south west was an extended process that stretched out over a few weeks, each weekend involved driving the 400+km round trip sometimes not once but twice. The first weekend involved a three tonne truck, the second was a car dragging a trailer of stuff we originally thought was going to fit into the aforementioned truck and the final weekend had two car trips where the car was so full it was dangerously close to throwing up our stuff all over the Forrest Highway.

During those three weeks my partner and I were spilt between two houses with me staying in the south west with the dog and my partner hanging out at the new house, sans dog.


As you can imagine, over the course of three weeks the house I was in progressively emptied whilst the Perth house gained boxes, boxes and more boxes.

This resulted in some rather interesting beer and food moments for me as I tried to keep some nice beers in the camping fridge (our proper fridge went in the first weekend to Perth) whilst buying food that required minimal effort.

The first week wasn’t too bad, I still had a small table to use and a selection of kitchen essentials. With cheese being a large part of my diet I made sure I had a board and a sharp knife.


After a few dinners of microwave packet rice, can of tuna and can of corn I started to get kinda bored. Trying to think of better things to nuke also got tiresome so many nights consisted of microwave meals. I wouldn’t qualify what I was having as being anywhere in the realm of ‘beer and food matching’.


As the majority of furniture and day to day items left the house I had only the very bare essentials – a camping fridge, an inflatable mattress, a microwave and random items that for whatever reason had not been packed yet, like my partners toolbox that often doubled as a table.


Of course sometimes I didn’t need a table …


But what I did need was beer, beer to get me through the uncomfortable nights sleep and the never ending cleaning. Thankfully the local bottle shop was doing 2 for $10 on their Stone & Wood Pacific Ale.



And my wonderful man bought me some beer presents from Cellarbrations Carlisle which helped too.

Beery presents from my man

Now finally we are moved in, almost all unpacked and discussing the cost/benefit of removalists for next time.