5 Minutes with Matt from The Freo Doctor

This edition of 5 minutes with features Matt Shiel, manager of the fantastic bottleshop The Freo Doctor

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Matt Shiel, manager of the fantastic bottleshop The Freo Doctor – a place not only for great craft beer but also beautiful wines and spirits. The Freo Doctor also frequently hosts booze events in their kick-ass cellar, like the recent Sou’West Smack Down.

It’s always good to know your bottle shop crew so here’s a chance to get to know Matt a little bit better … (spoiler alert, he is a top guy!)

Matt Shiel with his wife
Matt Shiel with his wife

How did you fall in love with beer?

When we opened [Little] Creatures, my little Tooheys New drinking mind nearly exploded.

Finish this sentence: “The WA beer scene needs more …

… sour beer!

What beers do you recommend the most?

That’s almost as tough as ‘What’s your favourite beer?’ At the moment, Barrow Boys Stormy Lager, Bridge Roads Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack, any Mountain Goat, Two Birds… It depends what the punter is looking for.

What can’t you keep enough of in the store?

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, but I think that has been remedied now.


If you could import any beer right now that’s not available in Australia, what would it be and why?

Lagunitas, I fell in love with their cappuccino stout on a road trip in the States with some friends a few years ago and I need more of it in my life, and the rest of their beers are pretty rad too.