WA Beer News #13

New beers from Mash Brewing, Eagle Bay Brewing, Last Drop Brewery and Colonial Brewing plus an upcoming collab between Feral Brewing and El Grotto and Nowhereman Brewing is almost ready to open!

There is a lot of stuff happening in WA’s craft beer scene that it’s genuinely hard to keep up with all the new beer releases and WA really is kicking ass when it comes to craft beer and so I thought I’d try and make a regular feature out of all the new beery goodness our state has to offer.

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Mash Brewing

Barrel Fermented Cat – Port Barrel & French Vanilla Barrel

You may have noticed that the brewing team at Mash Brewing have been playing around with their award winning American IPA, Copy Cat, recently. We have had Black Cat, a black IPA version of the beer and now we have two barrel aged versions – one that’s spent time in Port Barrels and another in French oak.

Photo from Mash Brewing Facebook page

Both weigh in at 6.8 percent ABV; the Barrel Fermented Cat – aka BFC – in port barrels is described by the brewery as having “fortified wine notes, rich dark fruit and of course port/wine like characters” whilst the version in French oak has “dry hops still present and tying in very nicely with the vanilla offering from the French oak.”

This beer is available in keg only and there are kegs heading to several venues around Perth, check Mash Brewing’s Facebook page for their full list of stockists.

Eagle Bay Brewing

Black Vanilla

Eagle Bay Brewing Black Vanilla is a 9.5 percent ABV whiskey barrel aged coconut and vanilla imperial stout and has been brewed in collaboration with fellow WA locals Mane LiquorWhipper Snapper Distillery and artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. This is third year in a row these guys have gotten together for the sake of beer. Black Vanilla is preceded by Black & Tannin in 2015 and Forest for the Trees last year.

Brew day for Black Vanilla // Photo courtesy of Eagle Bay Brewing

They brewed an imperial stout and then aged it in Whipper Snapper Upshot Whiskey barrels for three months before toasted coconut and vanilla beans were added.

“It’s dark and roasty, combining sweet vanilla and toasty coconut with a subtle coffee intensity, it’s smooth and damn delicious. Crafted to be enjoyed with good friends now or stashed away for a little bit later down the track.”

Eagle Bay Brewing

The beer launches at the brewery on Thursday 20 July with additional launch events at Mane Liquor on Saturday 22 July at Mane Liquor and then on Wednesday 26 July at Lalla Roohk for a Black Vanilla Winter Feast

Last Drop Brewery

American Brown Ale

Last Drop Brewery have released something special, a single batch limited release 4.0 percent ABV American Brown Ale. It has been brewed with two US hop varieties, Chinook and Simcoe. The brewery’s notes suggest “some mild chocolate, some nuttiness and malt sweetness characters.”

Colonial Brewing Co.

Colonial Brewing Co will be releasing something special this coming week, an imperial stout called Colonial Inquest, that is 11.7 percent ABV and will be available in 375ml gold and black cans.

“We’ve created something special here, employing a brewing method we’ve never tried before to create our biggest release yet. It’s big, rich, loaded with malt and complex flavours but doesn’t completely overpower the palate, remaining balanced and moreish.”

Ash Hazell, Colonial Brewing Head Brewer

The brewing method Ash refers to is the two separate mashes to create more fermentables by using the last worts of the first to mash in to the second.

Expect this to be very big, bold, malty and rich after some extended time in tank to develop all its complex flavours.

Image from Colonial Brewing Co Port Melbourne Facebook page

Feral Brewing

The team at Scarborough’s El Grotto bar, a haven of tequila and good times, were hanging out at Feral Brewing’s Swan Valley brewpub recently for a collaboration brew. El Grotto’s Insta-story showed the El Grotto crew having a pretty fun day out in the valley with Feral’s head brewer Will Irving and it looked like there was much citrus involved. The beer should be ready early August; stay tuned to El Grotto’s social media for more details.

Nowhereman Brewing

It is a mere couple of weeks before West Leederville’s Nowhereman Brewing opens their doors. Bags of malt are being delivered and the brew kit itself is being put through its paces by brewer Paul Wyman, watching their Instagram feed is a fantastic tease as we get closer to opening day.

Read more: Broadsheet – Opening Soon: Nowhereman Brewing

Nowhereman Brewing’s Paul Wyman


Work + Last Drop

Ah, the benefits of working at a beer lovin’ bar … beer! Last week the new limited release from Last Drop Brewery – a 5% abv Oktoberfest Bier – landed at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough where I have been working casual shifts in recent weeks.

Ah, the benefits of working at a beer lovin’ bar … beer!

Last week the new limited release from Last Drop Brewery –  a 5% abv Oktoberfest Bier – landed at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough where I have been working casual shifts in recent weeks.

Last Drop Brewery, boasting traditional European style beers and food, lays claim on their website that “it feels like Oktoberfest every day of the year” so it seems very fitting that they release something special around this time every year.

From my reading it seems there isn’t a specific beer style for Oktoberfest though lately they tend to be sweeter malt driven ales. One thing that is set in stone is who can serve beer. Only large breweries from inside Munich’s city limits are allowed to deliver beer to Oktoberfest. That brings the breweries down to just six. Oh and for those of you who, like me, have wondered why Oktoberfest is held mostly over September here’s some trivia for you to bust out at pubs and quiz nights. Oktoberfest was moved forward in the 1870s due to the practical reasons such as the weather, up until then it was in fact held in early – mid October.

My own personal experience with Oktoberfest involves staying in pure luxury at the Sofitel Hotel Munich, being sick with the flu and wandering around the festival wishing I had functioning taste buds. That was back in 2010 and wasn’t really how I had envisaged my trip to the world’s biggest beer festival.

One of many great beer halls at Oktoberfest (2010)

Two year later I’ve been happily drinking the Last Drop Oktoberfest bier as my preferred staff drink (sorry Feral Hop Hog, I’ll be back soon). It is full of flavour and available only on tap at Last Drop Brewery and selected venues. Last Drop Oktoberfest Bier has dominant aromas of those banana lollies you had as a kid, you know the ones I’m talking about. The sweet flavours of the beer reminded me of the last piece of cheesecake crust. It’s biscuity, nutty and there are hints of caramel before a moderate bitter finish.

Last Drop Oktoberfest Bier
5% abv
Now Available at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough