A few words on hipsters and craft beer

Above: Brews in the Beer Garden, May 2015 at The Boulevard with lots of people enjoying craft beer who aren’t all hipsters

Beyond the myth of women only drinking fruity sweet beers or that women have to be tricked into drinking beer in the first place, the myth that most craft beer drinkers are hipsters has rocketed to the top of my “things that tick me off about beer” list.

It’s mass media that seems to be feeding this mythical beast. As craft beer grows in popularity, the number of craft beer articles appearing in major newspapers also grows and with every article comes the same lazy-ass reference to hipsters.

Screenshot (7)

For every tight jean shorts, bearded hipster guy drinking a craft beer I’ll show you twenty people who don’t fit that description who love craft beer. It’s not because I am in the beer industry that I know this, it’s because I walk around with my eyes open.

I don’t read about farmers markets being a haven for hipsters just like I don’t read James Halliday saying his top rated wines are the perfect hipster accompaniment. I don’t see hipsters being associated with food trucks, kimchi, ceviche, sliders or any other foodie trend. What has craft beer done to get this association?

I really don’t know how it happened but it needs to stop, please.