“just a few beers”

Because being a beer nerd means a trip to the bottle shop is rarely a simple exercise

I should know by now that I am pretty much incapable of popping into a good beer retailer with the intention of getting “just a few beers”. Nine times out of ten I leave with a mixed carton of delightful beery goodness.

Not that I am really complaining, I mean if this is the worse thing that happens to me then I’m leading a damn good life.

It’s really more of an observation, a beer geek trait shared by many and results in a fridge packed with beers, credit cards a little heavier and partners a little perplexed. Well, most partners, not mine, he’s used to it by now and his whisky collection can at times rival my beer collection.

But what is it about nerding out on beer that makes me want to buy them like I’m stockpiling for some kind of global beer shortage?



I won’t lie, it’s nice to have a variety of beer to choose from at home. Going to the fridge and wondering whether I feel like an IPA, a Saison or a Stout is a nice place to be. Spontaneous nights where you open something really special for no other reason than you want to are great.


With so many breweries even just in Australia it’s impossible get to every beer, or even just new and limited releases, but damned if any good beer nerd isn’t going to try their best to get to as many as they can. Working in the industry makes it that much harder to resist the allure of “oh, I’ve not had THAT beer!” Call it research, call it a tax deduction, call it staying up to date with industry trends, call it whatever you like, your beer geek brain rationalises it whilst your hand has reached into the fridge and grabbed the beer on question.


Asking the staff at your favourite beer retailer, “what have you been drinking lately?” can be like letting children run free in a toy store it will result in them grabbing everything they can get their grubby hands on. The sheer number of beers to choose from is huge and so when someone recommends something not only is this very useful but it’s a damn compelling reason to buy. That beer just went from a gamble to a sure thing or you’re about to discover your new favourite brewery, either way, very exciting beer nerd stuff.


Being a beer nerd is an ongoing adventure, it is finding new beers and learning about new styles, new methods of brewing, what hops do what and what new ingredients are being used by your favourite brewers, it’s about getting nerdy about your palate, the science behind yeast and most of all, enjoying lots of great, different beers.

On that note, I have to say, I am not sure what point, if any, I have really made here but it seems like a good final post for 2015, a post that is mildly reflective, a shared experience (as I am sure this over the top beer shop doesn’t just happen to me) and first and foremost, a love of beer.

May your holidays be filled with laughter and the people and beers you love!