WA Beer Week – South West Style

For my fellow south west-ians who won’t find themselves in Perth during the “week” I’ve listed together the events in our backyard. I’ll be getting along to as many as I can and I hope to see you there!

If you’re in Perth and thinking about going booze-free for a while I strongly suggest you don’t pick dates from 8 – 17th November because that is WA Beer Week.

Like many other beer weeks across the country WA Beer Week goes for ten days … love it.

There are over 40 events throughout Perth, Fremantle and the south west. From beer and food matching to home brewing and new beer launches there’s an event for the uber-beer-nerd and the beer-curious alike.

For my fellow south west-ians who won’t find themselves in Perth during the “week” I’ve listed together the events in our backyard. I’ll be getting along to as many as I can and I hope to see you there!

All Week Long

Where: Eagle Bay Brewing | Eagle Bay

When: 11am – 5pm Daily

What’s Happening: Hear Hear for Fresh Beer! $15 Growler Refills all week long, treat every day like it’s a Friday and grab yourself a growler using either your Eagle Bay, Mane Liquor or Pourhouse growler.

Wednesday 13th November

Where: The Pourhouse | Dunsborough

When: 7pm

What’s Happening: Eagle v Goat … no, not an actual eagle fighting an actual goat though if it was surely you’d have to bet on the eagle yeah? Anyway, it’s a beer, burger and brewer bonanza with beers from both Eagle Bay and Melbourne’s Mountain Goat on tap and paired with tasty Pourhouse burgers. Brewers from both breweries will be on hand to chat to and even touch*

*touching may require permission, please check with the brewers first

Pourhouse and Burgers

Thursday 14th November

Where: Clancy’s Fish Pub | Dunsborough

When: 6.30pm

What’s Happening: Beer Fact Hunt. Say it fast aloud … did you get it right or say something naughty? Anyway, this annual event is back and well worth coming down for a tasty beer and to put your beery knowledge to the test!

DJ Chet Leonard Hosts Beer Fact Hunt at Clancy's Dunsborough

Friday 15th November

Where: Colonial Brewing | Margaret River

When: 11am – 8.30pm

What’s Happening: Car Park Brew – South West Edition. Pack up your home brew kits / chemical sets / plastic tubs and get them to Colonial for their first ever car park brew! Brewer Justin Fox will be on site for tips and chat whilst doing his own brew day too.

Colonial Brewery

Clancy’s + Nail

There are a few venues that have dishes that I cannot resist, when I’m there I have to have them. I approach some beers in the same way too. Variety is fantastic but sometimes there’s beer that are almost tradition to order or just downright irresistible …

(edit: bear with me here folks, what’s about to follow is a rambling introduction but it involves a lot of tasty food so hopefully you’ll read on!)

There are certain dishes you just can’t go past when you’re in a particular venue. For instance, when I was assistant manager at Five Bar in Perth we served up slow roasted field mushrooms in sherry vinegar on toasted baguette. I think if we had removed this item from the menu we would have been subject to much swearing and slapping. People loved this dish, people told their friends about it and people ordered it time and time again.

Slow Roasted Field Mushrooms in Sherry Vinegar
Who would have thought mushroom, cheese and bread would cause such love!?

For me it’s the crab spaghettini with tomato sugo and spinach at The Boulevard (Perth). This dish just does weird things to me. There’s a sensational photo by the equally sensational David Gardiner, PR and Events guru, here on Urbanspoon.

The duck liver parfait at Must Wine Bar (Perth) is another compulsory order dish. Simply put, if you don’t have this whilst at Must then you are doing it wrong.

On to the battered side of food life I always have to have the fried mice – jalapenos stuffed with feta and deep fried when at any of the four Clancy’s Fish Pub venues. Whilst each venue might put a twist on the dish, City Beach crumb their jalapenos in panko bread crumbs, the principle remains delicious.

Fried Mice ... two ways!

So that was a really long winded way of saying that I was recently at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough with my partner and yes, we got a serve of the fried mice.

And just like I have compulsory dishes to order when at particular venues, there are also beers I just have to have. Of course I love variety, don’t get me wrong, but how could you ever visit Feral Brewing (Swan Valley) and not have a Hop Hog or Bootleg Brewery (Margaret River) and not have a Raging Bull. It can’t be done. For me, Clancy’s and Nail Ale go hand in hand, or should that be “pint in hand”?

Nail Ale and Clancy's ... they go together like a horse and carriage

Nail Brewing (Bassendean) have been supporting Clancy’s, and visa versa, for as long as I can remember, ignoring the fact that my memory isn’t what it used to be and just accept the analogy. So if you’ve always had a Nail when you’ve been at Clancy’s then the tradition must continue.

Nine times out of ten, the Nail Ale beer on tap is the classic, the one and only, Nail Pale Ale. An Australian Pale Ale full of fresh fruity, piney hops and crisp citrus.

However, this last visit to Clancy’s was different because they were not pouring the Pale Ale, instead it was Nail Dunn Brown Ale. It’s named after Hugh Dunn in honour of his contribution to the brewing community through Edith Cowan University. It’s a limited release English style brown ale that is currently being prepared to hit shelves in your favourite beery bottleshop, you can check out the label design here.

This is worth putting on your “beer shopping list”; you all have one of those, right?! Aromas are nutty, biscuity and bready with great toasty, earthy (so many y’s) and a little fruit. Basically it’s fabulous.

(apologies for my rotten photo that really doesn’t do this beer justice)

An unflattering photo of Nail Dunn Brown

Add it to your list or just start one now …

Oh Boris!

Boris is rich, dark and oh-so-smooth. You should totally go and hook up with Boris.

Boris isn’t a very sexy name. It doesn’t conjure up images of an oiled, big muscle man or even a well dressed gentlemen who’ll open the door for you. However I’ll happily say that Boris is smooth, definitely sexy and just downright tasty.

I’m clearly talking about beer and you’ve probably figured out that it’s Feral Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout “Boris”. Normally only available on tap at their Swan Valley brewery it is the latest beer to receive the bottling treatment as part of their Brewpub Series. A limited release of kegs also ventured into the outside world. I have been lucky enough to have both in my own backyard … well, within an hours drive anyway.

Feral Russian Imperial Stout Boris


I snatched up a bottle from Cape Cellars in Busselton, the only liquor store in town when I’ve found good craft beer. They have super nice staff too so if you’ve not been in you really need to change that.


Good ol’ Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough. I don’t just say that because I used to work there but because, like all the Clancy’s, their tap beers are craft-beer-tastic. Right now they are pouring Boris but be careful, at % abv Boris won’t be nice to you if you are the designated driver. As a fellow customer at the bar said to me, “Boris is a bad man”. You bet your ass he is!

I didn’t detect any difference between tap and bottle Boris, both tasting super fresh. I stuck my nose in, had a big whiff and got chocolate cake and a little caramel. Boris tastes roasty, that’s a strange way to start a sentence, with some licorice and a malty dry finish. Boris is rich, dark and oh-so-smooth. You should totally go and hook up with Boris.