5 minutes with Adam Lesk from Cellarbrations Carlisle

A short Q&A with “Lesky” from Cellarbrations Carlisle chatting about winter beers, breweries he recommends watching out for and what makes a really great beer.

This edition of 5 minutes with … features Adam Lesk from Cellarbrations Carlisle.

Adam, who everyone calls “Lesky”, has been managing the popular beer shop since October last year, is an award winning home brewer and recently became a certified cicerone which makes him one of five cicerones in WA. You can find him at Cellarbrations Carlisle and get to know him a little better here with a short Q&A.

Lesky sat the exam for certified cicerone earlier in the year alongside fellow WA beer professionals Brendan Day, from Cheeky Monkey Brewery, and Scott from Mash Brewing (the three of them pictured below enjoying a beer after the exam).

Read: 5 minutes with Brendan from Cheeky Monkey
Read: 5 minutes with Scott from Mash Brewing
L-R: Lesky from Cellarbrations Carlisle, Brendan from Cheeky Monkey Brewing and Scott from Mash Brewing

On the day of the exam, Lesky found a quiet cafe to sit and work on possible essays on beer styles. There he ran into Steve Blaine, already a certified cicerone himself and who conducted study sessions in his own spare time leading into the exam, and he confidently told Lesky he was going to be fine and to “go give it hell.” Exactly six weeks after the exam, the email came through with the good news.

“It was such a relief, more than anything, that all the time I’d spent locked away in the study paid off.”

What makes a beer a really great beer?

I’ve had a lot of really good beers in my lifetime but the one thing that always takes it to the next level is being able to share that experience with friends. The buzz that a great beer creates and the banter that goes along with it, elevates the experience to be one to remember.

Which Australian breweries should people be watching?

After being lucky enough to head over to Good Beer Week not long back and check these guys out, I’d have to say both Hawkers and 3 Ravens. Hawkers for their huge beers; their BA Imperial Stout, BA Barleywine and IIPA were all awesome and 3 Ravens for both their Wild Ravens series and their much hyped Juicy IPA.

Image from 3 Ravens Facebook page

What do you think is the greatest misconception about craft beer?

Big, hoppy beers are the be all and end all of craft beer. I’m a sucker for a really well made Pilsner and would like to see a bit more love thrown their way.

Do you think the term ‘craft beer’ is still relevant? If not, what term do you think should replace it?

To me, the term ‘craft beer’ is still relevant and should still hang around, I see it as more of a mindset rather than strict guideline to adhere to.

Winter is fast approaching, what is your go-to dark beer for cold nights?

Right now, I’m frothing on the new Cheeky Monkey Rum & Raisin Bock as I love its massively toasty character. After stocks of that deplete, I’ll be going back to the old faithful of Founders Backwoods Bastard as it’s one of my favourite beers of all time!

Image from Cheeky Monkey Brewery Facebook page

5 minutes with Tim from Cellarbrations Carlisle

This edition of 5 minutes with features Tim Hoskins, resident beer dude at one of Perth’s best beer retailers – Cellarbrations Carlisle.

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Tim Hoskins, resident beer dude and manager at one of Perth’s best beer retailers – Cellarbrations Carlisle.

Find Cellarbrations Carlisle at 2 Wright Street, Kewdale

Every time I see Tim he has a big smile on his face, he is passionate about what he does and loves his beer and knows his stuff. As one of the hosts for last year’s WA Beer Week event Meat the Brewer he was fabulous and, thanks to his girlfriend, was able to literally eat on the run, grabbing bites of food from her hand in between making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and had enough beer.

Time to hand things over to Tim …

1. What was your epiphany beer and when did you have it?

The complete details are a little hazy, it was quite some time ago! When I was of age, I was always looking for something different, Coopers Green was my go-to 11 years ago because it just was dry, full of yeasty goodness and had a certain quality to it. But really it was just anything different. When I was 19 I had a Chimay Blue, which blew my mind, and then the hunt was on, heading to my first venture to the IBS [International Beer Shop], I used to live in Beerliar so it was quite the drive to Leederville. Then I stumbled upon, Cellarbrations Carlisle and didn’t look back!

2. What is the most exciting thing about craft beer in WA?

I would have to say first – Quality. I think we take for granted in Perth that we have such a high standard of quality beer being produced here, that we expect the world to offer a higher level of quality. WA has world par quality which is great considering in Perth there is only 1.5 million people. Secondly, and hand in hand with quality – freshness. We have breweries brewing 5-7 days a week to keep up with our demands so the shops around Perth who take the time and effort, reward the customers with that same freshness they would get at the breweries themselves.
Tim Hoskins Cellarbrations Carlisle

3. If you could collaborate with any two breweries, which ones and why?

Now that’s a tough question! So I’ll just quickly answer with what comes to mind, the list is gigantic! I am a big fan of Boatrocker, so would love to do one with them and I am a big fan of Artisan Brewing in Denmark, WA. Both of them have a great passion and knowledge on yeast, so I think they would get on great guns and it would amazing to be part of that!!

4. What Australian breweries should people watch this year?

Who shouldn’t you be! It’s hard not to notice the extra effort and beyond Feral has been putting in, I would love to see more single release series from them, but who wouldn’t! (Plus they are flat out creating all sorts of new and exciting beers). The Monk has recently seen a shift in operations with an all star team on board, we’ve already seen some fresh new beers from them, definitely well worth a visit! There are far too many to go on about, in WA let alone in Australia, I love to talk and could keep doing so.

5. You finish a long shift at work and when you get home, what beer do you reach for and what food do you have with it?

Colonial Small Ale, the food is whatever is in my fridge, could be a sausage, could be home made burger. But if it is particularly long I love to search through some stashes, bring out something big and barrel aged like Boatrocker Ramjet, 3 Ravens Druid, Boss Taurus*, grab some amazing cheese and rip off chunks of fresh bread. If its been a bad day, that’s the way to cure it!
*Boss Taurus was a collaboration between Cellarbrations Carlisle and Margaret River’s Bootleg Brewery, you can read more about the whisky barrel aged imperial dark ale here. A brilliant beer that made it in the Crafty Pint list of the ten best new beers for WA in 2015 (a list that was partly put together by myself and Tim alongside another two panel members).


girl + Holgate

Hosted by GrainCru and held at The Precinct, Meet the Man Behind the Bull showcased 8 Holgate beers with brewer/owner Paul Holgate

The food at The Precinct has always left with me a full stomach and a big smile so when I saw there was a beer event featuring Holgate Brewery I was eager to get my grubby hands on a couple of virtual tickets.

“Meet the Man Behind the Bull” was hosted by GrainCru (aka Cellarbrations Carlisle) and Grape & Grain Distributors and held at The Precinct on Thursday night. Over a delicious grazing dinner we sampled eight great beers, including Holgate special reserves, and got to chat with brewer/owner Paul Holgate.

Paul Holgate - Holgate Brewing

Holgate Brewery is about an hour out of Melbourne and they’ve been kicking around the craft beer scene since 1999. Like many of our fine Australian brewers Paul started off home brewing. On a trip to the United States with his wife Natasha in 1997 they saw many craft brewers opening up, “they were ordinary guys having a go,” Paul had observed and the idea that he and Natasha could do the same didn’t seem so crazy. Together they start the brewery in 1999, also have their first child, and continue their day jobs for a couple of years. Today their brewery is also a pub and accommodation and yes, the day jobs are long gone!

From the start of the evening Paul’s passion was very clear, particularly when it comes to their authenticity. All beers are brewed onsite in Woodend Victoria, all bottling and kegging is all done there too. “We make it ourselves” stands clear on the brewery website and Paul is steadfast on that statement.

The dinner kicked off with Holgate’s best selling beer, the Mt Macedon Pale Ale, named after the Mt Macedon mountain peak that sits in the brewery’s scenery.

Holgate Mt Macedon Pale Ale

Holgate Mt Macedon Pale Ale and The Precinct’s Lemon Pepper & Rosemary Popcorn

It’s the 3rd beer they ever released and brewed with US hops and dry hopped with three varieties. Due to the seasonal nature and availability of hops Paul may tweak the recipe here and there where needed. This was my first time tasting the beer and it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular – full flavoured but nothing confronting, I got a delicate blend of peach, pineapple and citrus that could be easily enjoyed by the pint-ful.

Next up we had the Roadtrip American IPA, the beer is a tribute Paul and Natasha’s family holiday to the United States in 2009, 10 years after they first opened the brewery. At dinner Paul recounted the agreement they had set with their kids, be good whilst mum and dad check out all these breweries and we’ll take you to Disneyland after.

They went to Disneyland.

A note on the popcorn – it’s earth shatteringly good, eating any other popcorn will forever suck.

Holgate Roadtrip IPA

Holgate Roadtrip IPA and Whitebait with Beer Aioli

Continuing down the path of hops we had the Hopinator, an American Double IPA. Not nearly as bitter as I would have predicted given it’s 80 IBU declaration on the label. I loved the sweet caramel and toffee malt characters that supported fresh bright hops. The beer uses American Chinook, Centennial and Citra together with Australian Topaz.

Around here some more food came out – a pig’s head terrine that was dark chocolate in colour, served with crostini and a smear of tangy mustard. The terrine was rich and flavoursome and the mustard provided a great contrast. Highly recommend this dish at your next Precinct visit.

Pig's Head Terrine at The Precinct

Pigs Head Terrine, Capers, Parsley, Crostini and Mustard

More on the White Ale here at Crafty Pint

Moving from hops to yeast, the fourth beer was the White Ale. Originally one of the first beers Holgate brewed it has since returned as a limited release and gone through a couple of recipe tweaks. The bottle we had was from a batch to celebrate the brewery’s 15th birthday. Made with coriander seeds and fresh organic grapefruit, it’s one of the better wheat beers going around and perfect for providing some cut through on those meatballs and highlighting the coriander salsa.

Holgate White Ale & Precinct Food

More amazing Precinct food – Triple Cooked Potatoes and Green Pepper Meatballs with Tomato Sugo and Coriander Salsa

From here we started down a far darker path with Holgate’s Temptress. This is the first beer I had ever tried from the Holgate range a couple of years ago and it made a lasting impression on me. It’s a chocolate porter that is silky smooth and beautiful. It’s made with Dutch Cocoa and whole vanilla bean.

This was followed by a beer from Holgate’s Special Reserve list, Double Trouble – a Belgian-style Dubbel Abbey Ale brewed with Belgian candi sugar.

Holgate Double Trouble

Check out The Precinct’s full menu here

Mains were served up here too – Black Angus Sirloin and seasonal mushrooms with truffle oil. The meat was perfectly cooked and the mushrooms bursting with aromas of truffle oil.

The Double Trouble is suitably named as it falls into that category of “dangerously drinkable” given it’s 8% ABV and disappears from your glass quicker than you may like to admit. I got a hit of liquorice on the nose and the flavour follows with chocolate, red berries, coffee and a dusty rounded finish.

Next up from Holgate’s Special Reserve list was the Empress, the big sister of Temptress, an Imperial Mocha Porter weighing in at 10% ABV. Brewing Empress begins just like her little sister with vanilla bean and Dutch Cocoa, the big difference between the two is the addition of coffee. They add what Paul described as a “cold coffee tea” and this brings out the rich fruity coffee flavours rather than the astringency. However they do it, the result is something to savour, sip and share.

Holgate Special Reserve Beers

Mane Liquor: 237 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont

The final beer for the night was a doozy, a word I don’t think I have ever used in the written format, and I even went and bought a bottle from Mane Liquor the next day. Holgate Beelzebub’s Jewels, another special reserve beer and apparently the name means “devil’s nuts”, is an oak-aged Belgian-style quadruple. That sort of style makes beer geeks weak at the knees and then to try it, to taste it and love it, well it’s a pretty wonderful kind of thing. Non-beer drinkers should also give this sort of beer a taste, it would be beautiful sipped on with a chocolate dessert or a cheese board. The bottle we shared was from 2013 and it’s oak aged in pinot noir barrels. I loved the nose of sultana, port and spice and I could easily spend a whole night just sipping on this beer.

Holgate Beelzebub's Jewels 2013

Throughout the dinner we got to pick Paul’s brain about his beers, his approach to brewing and his brewery. I also got to chat with him about general craft beer things like contract brewing, in which he believes there needs to be greater transparency and I wholeheartedly agree, and where beer trends get momentum.

On the brewery front Holgate have established a barrel aging program so I am excited to see what beers come as a result. Like many brewers Paul and his brewers at Holgate seem to be guided by the simple goal of brewing beers they would like to drink themselves. It appears I have the same tastes in beers so I think I’ll be watching Holgate a lot more closely from now on!

Holgate BeersThe full line up of Holgate beers sampled on the night

This was a really good night of beer, chat and fantastic food. Huge thanks to Paul, Joel & Adam at Cellarbrations Carlisle, Dan, Josh and the chefs at The Precinct and everyone else involved in such a top night.

Like Cellarbrations Carlisle/GrainCru on Facebook to stay up to date with future beer events like this one!

Also be sure to like The Precinct on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter


5 Minutes with Joel from Cellarbrations Carlisle

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Joel Beresford from one of Perth’s best beer bottleshops, Cellarbrations Carlisle.

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Joel Beresford from one of Perth’s best beer bottleshops, Cellarbrations Carlisle.

WA Beer Week is right around the corner, just waiting for you like some crazy eyed stalker and it’s going to pounce on you TOMORROW. People are excited, planning what events to attend and dreaming of fantastic local beer, the brewers they’ll meet and the food they’ll overindulge in.

Cellarbrations Carlisle

2 Wright Street, Carlisle

One such excited person is Joel from one of Perth’s best beer bottleshops, Cellarbrations Carlisle and their beer club Grain Cru. During WA Beer Week his shop will be hosting a number of events including:

There are a record number of events for WA Beer Week this year, why do you think this is?

I think the groundswell of support of craft beer, especially local, has greatly increased. People as well as venues have realised that there is a whole world of great beer out there, and it’s becoming easier to find.

What can people expect at the Grain Cru CarPark Day?

A fair bit actually! Each year has been getting bigger and better and the third annual event will be showcasing a collaborative brew between Victoria’s Moon Dog Brewery and New Zealand’s Garage Project.

We will have stalls of WA brewers, from the smallest micro to the largest producer. Other stalls include beer distributors, food, hops & rhizomes and funky craft.

The Beermuda Triangle is always a sell out, what makes it such a popular event?

It’s probably my most enjoyable event.

I am proud to see an idea of a progressive dinner turn into such an anticipated annual event over the last 4 years or so.

It encapsulates many of my favourite things about craft beer – amazing company, top class venues, awesome beer & food and lasting memories. Last year with Stu McKinlay [from New Zealand brewing outfit Yeastie Boys] will always be in my memory. The man made  a lasting impression on everyone that met him and the vibe was just fun and friendship. This year’s event will be amplified 3 fold, with members of Garage Project, Moon Dog and Brew Dog being involved!

What other WA Beer Week events are you keen to check out?

Unfortunately I’ll be working a fair bit throughout the WA Beer Week but Bob’s Bar looks like it’s dangling far too many carrots for me to avoid at least one visit!!! I wish I found out earlier about the Old Faithful / Feral dinner [Old Faithful goes Feral] before it got sold out too.

What five beers are currently in your fridge at home?

La Sirene Praline, Amager Kaaad, Mikkeller Hues, Oersoep Brettanosaurus Rex (love the name!)and Nail Imperial Porter are probably the highlights.

Old Stock Ale + Gorgonzola

Just for a change of pace, just for something different, here’s (yet another) post about a delicious beer and cheese pairing!

Just for a change of pace, just for something different, here’s (yet another) post about a delicious beer and cheese pairing!

The pairing of barley wine and English Stilton is one of those absolute classic matches. It basically puts two flavour heavyweights against each other but rather than knock each other out they dance together beautifully. Rich meets rich, sharp meets boozy, fruity meets sweet, beer meets cheese.

Here’s a little tweak on this classic –

The Beer …

North Coast Old Stock Ale 2012

“The original old ales were literally old by beer standards of the day, matured for months and often in wooden casks.”

“Long ageing in wood allowed the ale to mellow in bitterness but also to acquire some flavour from the raw wood, a slightly stale taste from oxidisation, and a dash of sourness from wild yeasts, particularly Brettanomyces, and lactic bacteria with which the brew would invariably come into contact”

The Oxford Companion to Beer

The name suggests this is an old ale or stock ale, two styles very closely related to barley wines. All three are traditionally British with the styles being mentioned by name in the 1700’s, “the definitions of these categories, however, have never been very precise, either technically or historically,” from The Oxford Companion to Beer. As a generalisation we are talking sweet malt driven ales with high alcohol content and rich fruity flavours.

Enough about style, this beer is lovely. The aroma is slightly reminiscent of black forest cake with a lot of red fruit and I do mean a lot. It’s like a red fruit party where they all got rather drunk. Bold fig and raisin flavours are along for the ride and the finish stays rich in fruit.


North Coast Old Stock Ale 2012

The Cheese …

Castel Regio Gorgonzola DOP Piccante

Piccante is a style of Gorgonzola, more traditional and mature than it’s Dolce counterpart

It was nice to discover this at my local IGA, it’s a small store and it hasn’t won me over like other IGA’s but at least there’s Gorgonzola.

This Gorgonzola is rich, salty and a little creamy but the rind adds a dusty mushroom taste for more complexity.

Together …

The old barley wine and blue cheese combination once again holds water. The rich fruit flavours of the beer matching the richness of the cheese and providing a nice contrast to the saltiness.

Together, these two are just lovely. Not subtle in any way, shape or form but indeed very lovely.

North Coast Old Stock Ale and Gorgonzola

Thanks Josh at Cellarbrations Carlisle for recommending the North Coast Old Stock Ale. Great pick!

For more blue cheese and barley wine reading – here’s what I looked through …


Beery Surprises in Capel

Perth is blessed with Cellarbrations Carlisle, International Beer Shop, Mane Liquor and Phoenix Beers to service their passionate take away beery needs. Here in the south west things are not as abundant, at least not on the scale of the aforementioned shops. On the other hand us lucky folk in the south west have more microbreweries than anywhere else in the country so it probably evens it up.

A very happy me leaving the International Beer Shop with lots of goodies

Perth is blessed with Cellarbrations Carlisle, International Beer ShopMane Liquor and Phoenix Beers to service their passionate take away beery needs. Here in the south west things are not as abundant, at least not on the scale of the aforementioned shops. On the other hand us lucky folk in the south west have more microbreweries than anywhere else in the country so it probably evens it up. But sometimes you want to take the credit card out for a spin by browsing shelf after shelf of gorgeous beer then driving home with a happy tink-tink-tink noise of bottles in a box in your car. Yeah, you know the noise I’m talking about don’t you?

An example of one shopping adventure from Cellarbrations Carlisle

Thankfully bottle shops in the south west are getting on board the craft beer revolution, toot toot! They are stocking not just great local stuff like Duckstein, Bootleg, Feral and Little Creatures but also international favourites like Sierra Nevada, Rogue and Green Flash. I’d say this is due to the great Phoenix Beers, beer distributors with many, many brands whose portfolio was a well used document during my time writing the beer list at Five Bar in Mt Lawley. In Bunbury your best bet Dan Murphy’s, or Man Durphy’s as my partner calls it. In Busselton you’ve got Cape Cellars developing a very decent beer range and with their new (larger) site hopefully coming together before Christmas I’m sure that will mean more great beer. In Dunsborough it’s hard to go past The Pourhouse with a huge bottled list as well as growlers but if they’re not open then Zinn’s Liquor is a good alternative. Further south into Margaret River and it’s gotta be Settler’s Liquor.

Local beer shopping at Cape Cellars in Busselton
Local beer shopping at Cape Cellars in Busselton

Now you can add Cellarbrations Capel to that list of good beer bottle shops. Yup, you read that right – Capel. For those who don’t know the area it’s not where you might stop on your way from Perth to the south west, eager for your relaxing getaway. Not that it’s a bad place, it’s just that it’s easy to miss. Located half way between Bunbury and Busselton it’s just off the highway and also home to a fantastic butcher – seriously, you should stop in for sausages. Trust me, they’re tops. I’ve been buying my Friday afternoon beers from Cellarbrations Capel for a while now. Sometimes it’s a little Garage Project, a Rogue or two or a Nøgne Ø and, more often than not, a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada something. It seems that word is spreading about this little gem of a shop. I was recently went to Bootleg Brewery where I ran into fellow beer enthusiast and Bootleg beer pourer Jamie who told me that his mate had taken him to this great bottle shop in Capel. “Oh trust me, I know!”, I replied. Here’s just a sample of goodies I’ve purchased from Cellarbrations Capel. Thank you Cellarbrations Capel for feeding me good beer and taking the edge off between Cellarbrations Carlisle shopping sprees.

A few purchases from the surprising and growing craft beer selection
A few purchases from the surprising and growing craft beer selection

Oh and there was also this little number … image

Beers + Enthusiasm

In recent weeks I have been sent up to Perth for work, staying at The Crown and with the office at Kewdale it means constantly driving past Cellarbrations Carlisle. How can a girl resist?

In recent weeks I have been sent up to Perth for work, staying at The Crown and with the office at Kewdale it means constantly driving past Cellarbrations Carlisle. How can a girl resist?

Beers 1
[Left to Right]
Nail Clout Stout
Temple Saison De Miel
Birra Del Borgo Duchessic
Gage Roads The Convict
Sierra Nevada Celebration Celebration Ale
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
So here’s some of my recent purchases, with the help of Joel, Josh and the other beery crew, in efforts to keep our fridge at least 25% beer (incidentally I think the remaining breakdown is 25% cheese, 25% condiments and 25% actual food).

John Stallwood’s Nail Ale Clout Stout, a limited release Russian Imperial Stout, has been on my beer wish list for quite some time. Finally, it’s all MINE! [This should be read with the tone of an evil genius, that’s if you’re not already doing so]. It’s currently waiting for the right occasion to be opened and enjoyed. It will have to be a very special occasion for a beer that John told me on Twitter was one of his best batches.

Temple Brewing from Victoria makes beers that are always sensational, it’s as simple as that, so when I saw their Saison De Miel I just had to have it. Saison with honey, yes please! This was opened not long ago and I did a nice little Barramundi and spud dish that went very nicely.

The empty bottle of Duchessic still sits on our bookshelf reminding me of what a truly amazing beer it was. It was the first beer that Joel recommended to me and it was done with such enthusiasm and energy that I realised I’d be insane not to purchase this beer.

Gage Roads limited release The Convict, an Australian Strong Ale, slaps you in the face and reminds you that though they might be owned by a supermarket giant that doesn’t mean that can’t brew a damn fine drop. Smacking you in the face with red fruits, booze and a robust body, it’s gooood. When I held up this bottle up to Joel and Josh in the shop they gave me the thumbs up before I popped it onto the counter with the others.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is one I’ve had a number of times before and loved. The big three citrus piney hops are there – Cascade, Centennial and Chinook and they’re, as always, delicious.

Dogfish Head, another American craft brewery, lured me in with their reputation and I then realised I had never enjoyed a Dogfish Head beer. I felt shameful and didn’t dare admit it as I added their 90 Minute IPA to my latest credit card transaction. Aside from this the name certainly lured me in – 90 Minute IPA, 90 full minutes of hopping, sign me up!

Anchor and Boneyard
[Left] Anchor Brewing Steam Ale
[Right] Boneyard Grapefruit IPA
These two beers were bought during a week long conference where there was no craft beer in sight. I had to remedy the issue and get a crafty hit – enter Cellarbrations Carlisle to rescue me! It was imperative that I purchased beers I’d never had before and that were on my beery wish list.

Anchor Steam Ale marks my first, and certainly not my last, venture into the portfolio of another great American craft brewery. Pouring beautifully into my hotel room goblet, it was either that or a tiny wine glass, it’s a complex beer with spice, apricot, toffee and earthy characteristics. Love.

Back to Australia with the Boneyard Grapefruit IPA, it’s the second beer from the same guys who bring us Josie Bones in Melbourne. A venue I am aching to get to … one day, one day. Spicy honey nose with edgy, tangy bitterness unsurprisingly like a freshly squeezed grapefruit in your face but, you know, in a good way and not in a way that makes you squint and cry.

Beers 2
[Left to Right]
Brewdog Punk IPA
Holgate Nut Brown Ale
Feral Smoked Porter
Moondog Great American Challenge
2 Brothers Taxi Pilsner
Red Duck Topaz
Bridge Road Stella IPA 
Temple Scarlet Sour
Nail Oatmeal Stout
Southern Bay Brewing Requiem
Oh and a Squealer of The Garage Project Pernicious Weed
Now we get into the latest bulk purchase, most of which I am yet to get stuck in to.

The Brewdog Punk IPA cans were the first to go – the novelty of a tinny wasn’t lost on me and neither was the lip smacking hops. Delicious!

The squealer of Garage Project Pernicious Weed went next and the only notes I had on this were “hop, hops and more freakin’ hops”. Josh was more than a little excited about this one, it had made it’s way into his top beers of all time list and that was more than I needed to take the last of it off their hands.

The last one from this batch that I’ve opened is the 2 Brothers Taxi Pilsner, malty sweet but with great balance it’s seriously tasty and I’ll be getting this one again

I’m looking forward to opening the rest, in particular the Temple Scarlet Sour and the guys had big recommendations the Bridge Road Stella IPA. The Southern Bay and Red Duck beers are breweries I’ve discovered in the past couple of months whilst Nail Ale and Feral Brewing are long, long loves.

Big big  thanks to Joel, Josh and the crew at Cellarbrations Carlisle for some sensational beer recommendations, already looking forward to my next visit.

Duchessic + Curry

The result is spine tingling, heart fluttering beautiful. I got aromas of green apples, sour lollies and tropical fruit. The mouth feel is delicate, just light little bubbles the carry subtle sourness, straw, funk and stone fruit, in particular apricots. Oh and the colour … did you see that colour?! Heaven.

If I had one piece of advice for shopping at the International Beer Shop, Cellarbrations Carlisle or Mane Liquor or any of the other great beer-centric bottleshops in Perth it would be this … ask the staff because,

a) They know their stuff, love their beer and are just downright nice folk

b) They can tell you what’s new/fresh/limited release, and

c) They will point you in the direction of beers you will fall in love with / eternally lust after.

Here is a beer recommended to me by the guys at Cellarbrations Carlisle and it falls into all categories, especially the last – love at first sip!

Duchessic (frame)

Duchessic comes from a bit of a collaboration between Italian brewery Birra del Borgo and Belgian brewery Brasserie Cantillon. I was already a little familiar with Cantillon from their amazing lambics but this is the first beer I’ve tried from Birra del Borgo. The Duchessic is roughly a combination of Birra del Borgo’s regularly brewed Duchess beer, which uses spelt instead of barley, and a year old lambic from Cantillon.

The result is spine tingling, heart fluttering beautiful. I got aromas of green apples, sour lollies and tropical fruit. The mouth feel is delicate, just light little bubbles the carry subtle sourness, straw, funk and stone fruit, in particular apricots. Oh and the colour … did you see that colour?! Heaven.

The bad news is that it’s a limited release – very limited – I’d get your first born packed and ready to trade because the Duchessic appears to be leaving stores fast!

Now, food, what on earth was I going to match with this? Keeping in mind I had no idea what this beer was going to taste like I decided a quick Google search was required. Typing in the words “Duchessic Food Match” into Google picked up BeerAdvocate as the first result, I clicked on the link and saw the words ‘Cuisine (Curried, Thai)’ so that was that. I made a green chicken curry.

No longer in the mood for a long cooking session now that I had settled into the evening with this delicious beer, I did the cheats curry and used paste from the jar (but it was an Asian-y looking jar so I feel that somewhat redeems me).

Green Curry Paste Watermarked

I was a little skeptical about this match, my initial thought was that the curry would trample over the delicate Duchessic but the beer softened the chili and the mix of sour and heat was a nice little combo. How or why, I have no idea but I was happily enjoying my curry and beer and that’s good enough for me!

Green Chicken Curry (1)