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Up until very recently I only thought of The Goose in Busselton as a great destination for breakfast but there’s a lot more to discover/drink here …

Up until very recently I only thought of The Goose in Busselton as a great destination for breakfast. When living in the south west it was one of our favourite spots for weekend breakfast. The food was always ace, my favourite breakfast dish is still their eggs florentine, and you can’t beat the view of the Busselton Jetty with those crystal blue waters that made it look like a photoshop-ed postcard from the tourist centre.

Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

However my most recent trips to The Goose have made me realise there’s so much more to this place than just eggs.

Renamed and rebranded
Rebranded and renamed since late 2013 The Goose has taken on a more casual feel

It’s not just a restaurant …

Wiggling away from it’s perception as only a restaurant, The Goose has recently added “beach bar + kitchen” to it’s title to reflect the venue’s more casual atmosphere. Lounges and tall bar tables invite you to drop in for a drink and a nibble. The outside decking is irrestistable, what could be a better way to end a working day than this …

A pint with a view at The Goose
A pint with a view at The Goose

Now that’s a beer list …

A diverse and interesting list of tap beers is what every beer loving geek looks for when they walk up to the bar. The Goose has nailed it with twelve taps in constant rotation showcasing predominately local brews from the likes of Colonial Brewing, Eagle Bay Brewing and Cowaramup Brewing.

The bottled beer list is pretty good too. There’s still Hahn Super Dry and Corona for those inclined but there’s also Brooklyn Brown Ale, Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to satisfy your American craft beer cravings.

You can check out a full list of their beverages here – this is probably best viewed with a drink in your hand just incase you get thirsty.

Beer taps at The Goose
From an oatmeal stout to a local apple cider, The Goose has taps that are tip-top!

The food is still tops …

Just cause they’ve gone a little more casual doesn’t mean the food has been neglected.

Fettuccine with blue swimmer crab, tomato, lemon, herbs and butter sauce
Fettuccine with blue swimmer crab, tomato, lemon, herbs and butter sauce
Steamed mussels with an unbeatable view
Steamed mussels, well at least it was before I devoured it, with an unbeatable view
lingot d’argental
Lingot d’Argental – a French cow’s milk cheese

Full menu available for drooling/pre-planning here.

In short – stop by, take a compulsory Instagram of the jetty and settle in for a pint of local beer and relax; after all you are in the south west.

Fish n Chips + Beer


It’s weeks like these when I’m away from home, up in the ‘big smoke’, when I really miss my daily beach trips.

I also miss my laptop, writing a blog post on a phone is relatively hard!

A couple of Fridays ago my partner and I took fish n chips down to the beach, the sun was setting and we could hear music and laughing from the nearby bar. Happy days!

It’s funny to think how many times you see Fish n Chips on a menu and it sets you back almost $30 just for one serve. Forget that, give me a mass of food for less than $20, a view like this and a bottle of delicious beer. On this occasion we had Little Creatures pints purchased from Cape Cellars in Busselton, they almost always have them on a great 2 for deal!

Now that’s how you finish the working week!


Laundry + Beer

It’s not often that you associate laundry with beer but on this occasion it’s very accurate – welcome to the Laundry Cafe in Busselton, a former laundromat, and home to a few tasty beers!

Laundry Cafe
43 Prince Street, Busselton | (08) 9754 1503

In the spirit of Strictly Ballroom, in anticipation of my Paul Mecurio ‘Cooking with Beer’ book arriving any day now, it is fair to say that craft beer love appears to be everywhere here in the South West. It isn’t surprising given the growing number of breweries setting up here and exposing (in a good way, not an arrestable way) more people to wonderful beer. And it isn’t just breweries who are making noise about craft beer, it’s bars and restaurants joining in on the fun too.

Since moving down here I’ve enjoyed Bootleg Brewery’s Raging Bull at Must Wine Bar, Feral Brewing’s White at 3 Oceans Winery, Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black at The Pourhouse and Mountain Goat Steam Ale at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunborough. This is only a few beers in a handful of beer loving venues and now I can add the Laundry Cafe in Busselton to that list of wonderful bars.

For those who ever wanted to drink inside a laundry … here’s what it looks like

The Laundry opened in May 2012 and, as the name suggests it used to be a laundromat. A large canvas image of two rows of dryers hangs on a back wall in a way that makes you do a double take and check you’re not actually at the laundromat; it’d be kind of embarrassing if you were trying to order and drink. There are a couple of washboards and wooden pegs on the walls, all these little touches are enough to add subtle atmosphere without it feeling like a is being forced down your throat.

My boyfriend and I went to check it out on a random Saturday night and despite only four beers on tap, it was delightful to find that half of these had local favourite Eagle Bay Brewing pouring from them. There is a strong emphasis on using local produce in the South West, restaurants and cafes food menu are bursting with locally grown beef and veg and now it’s creeping on to beer lists too! We enjoyed tall glasses of Eagle Bay Vienna Lager whilst sitting at the bar, always our preferred place to sit though not many bars in the South West seem to encourage it, and felt right at home. Who’d have thought – me, feeling comfortable at the bar … who’d have guessed. I’m looking forward to getting back to enjoy the food soon!

Eagle Bay Vienna Lager at the Laundry Cafe

Coopers + Busselton Jetty

But there are beers that you happily return to time and time again, that you’ll take a 6 pack to dinner at a friend’s house, that you’ll reach for in the bottleshop safe in the knowledge you’ll get something you will really enjoy. Coopers Pale Ale most certainly falls into that category for me.

A clear and beautiful winter day at The Jetty

I love the Busselton Jetty, it’s intriguing, romantic and historic all at the same time.

It’s a lovely stroll along 1.8km of timber which apparently makes it the longest timber piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere; apparently you can’t have a major tourist attraction unless it’s the biggest, longest, tallest, something-est etc. Whether record breaking or not, the walk will take you past people casting lines out into the ocean; there’s significant black splotches on the timber to indicate it’s a good spot for catching squid. There’s a fair few tired looking kids with parents full of encouragement who just want to convince the kid it’s worth getting to the end of the Jetty; always funny to see a temper tantrum in full action. Outside of the great people watching there is, of course, the Jetty itself with the walk taking you along beautiful blue water and the Underwater Observatory going 8 metres below sea level to reveal hundreds of species of marine life. As you walk the Jetty there are stories to be found, bits of history to take in and sections of the old jetty linger as more tangible reminder of what used to be there.

One of two weather vanes on Busselton Jetty

Every visit is a little different. Sometimes I will do the Underwater Observatory, sometimes it’s just a walk to the end and back and sometimes it’s just a quick look before heading into The Goose for some breakfast. I can go and visit the Jetty time and time again and it’s always enjoyable … just like your favourite beer.

Now I should probably scratch those words “favourite beer” because they don’t mean much, I can’t pick a single favourite beer. Hell, I can’t even pick a single favourite beer style. It depends on mood, time of day, the people you’re with, what you’re eating, what music you’re listening too …

But there are beers you happily return to time and time again, that you’ll take a 6 pack to dinner at a friend’s house, that you’ll reach for in the bottleshop safe in the knowledge you’ll get something you will really enjoy. Coopers Pale Ale most certainly falls into that category for me.

Coopers Pale Ale is brewed without any artificial preservatives or anything nasty like that and it’s bottle conditioned, meaning yeast will go through a secondary fermentation in the bottle after it’s been capped. This processes creates carbon dioxide for natural carbonation rather than using an injection of CO2 to force carbonation. This mean lots of great things for the beer such as longer shelf life, more complex flavours, finer carbonation and better head retention and, all in all, a happier beer.

I might not have spent the weekend trying to cook up some sort of Masterchef inspired dish to match it and it’s not a limited release or a collaboration brew. What it is, however, is a damn fine beer that is fruity with light malt and a pleasantly bitter finish; it is consistently good quality, all Australian owned and with a rich history and all of this for a good price. It’s the beer my boyfriend and I have been enjoying this weekend and it’s nice to remember that great beer isn’t just the one-off cross country collaboration brews but also the home grown, well crafted beers you’ve been drinking for years.