Weekend Reading #57

For those lazy weekend mornings when you just want to stay in bed and catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly (ahem, usually) post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days.

Australian Brews News | Queensland gets craft beer permit

Of course beer events and festivals can be really good fun, they can be great ways to discover new beers and visit multiple breweries in just one visit. They can also be really difficult for breweries because they take a lot of time and more often than not breweries don’t come close to recouping their investment. The ability to sell alcohol like a bar and (not or) take away sales like a bottle shop make festivals more financially appealing.

The West Australian | Looking at a pint through different glasses

Have you even that episode of Frasier where he’s trying to order a coffee but finds the sizing he knows from his regular coffee shop doesn’t match up with any other cafes? It’s a bit extreme but it’s kind of how it is with ordering a beer sometimes, a gamble of what size beer you’ll get for the dollars spent.

Crafty Pint | The Story Of: Watermelon Warhead

An in-depth look at story behind Feral’s Watermelon Warhead, one of my absolute favourite brews. It’s a great story and even if you are time poor, just click on the link for wonderful photos of brewer Will Irving.

Pacific Business News | U.S. opts for more liquor, but Hawaii still keen on craft beer

An interesting quick look at craft breweries and distillers seemingly battling it out for market share.

and now for  a video – Craft Beer – A Hoptumentary

Weekend Reading #43

For those lazy weekend mornings when you just want to stay in bed and catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days and hope that you will too.

Brew Studs | Up Your Glass Game: An Expert Guide to Proper Craft Beer Glassware

The author, like me, is not 100% convinced about the whole beer and glassware thing. Our house is small so we keep things to a minimum on the glassware front – beer goes into either a pint glass, seamless wine or tulip. However I still enjoy reading these sort of articles, I am very open to being convinced of keeping proper glassware in the house. I just need a bigger kitchen first.

Ars Technica | Lager-brewing yeast was probably born twice

A lot of love and attention is given to the hops and malt in a beer but the yeast provides plenty of the magic though not often given as much love. It’s crazy to think we are still learning about yeast and discovering new strains even now.

Brewers Association | What’s the next IPA?

The impact that Pale Ales and IPAs have had on craft beer is unmistakable but will there be another style that has as much impact and if so, what is that style?

I think Session Ales are on the rise and will be for a bit and sours seem to be growing too, whether either would reach IPA levels, it doesn’t seem likely but you never know.

Beer Is Your Friend | Drink It You Idiot

As someone who says they don’t buy beer to cellar it and yet has still managed to build a small stash of beer that is currently tucked away in the bottom shelf of the a cupboard, I liked this short series of posts very much. Five beers in five days of those “I’ll drink them one day” beers. Enjoy the ride!


Weekend Reading #30

This week features articles on Little Creatures Pale Ale and asking has it really changed or not, a beer geek science article on yeast and bacteria and a short case for wine glasses

I love lounging in bed on weekends and catching up on all my favourite beery reading. From blogs to articles from the American craft beer scene and the best local beer news, there’s excellent reading material out there so every Friday I’m posting a list of the articles and blogs that have excited me.

It’s been a rather crazy busy week in my day job plus it’s been muggy and hot all week, this has resulted in me being in a constant state of sweat, craving sleep and my partner and I getting our ‘indoor camping’ on by sleeping in the lounge room to be under the air conditioning. This has also meant a heck of a lot less writing which I think makes me a very bad blogger for this week. Fortunately I have still been reading so here’s Weekend Reading #30 for your beery reading pleasure …

Australian Brews News | Little Creatures – Change for the Better

As far as Little Creatures is concerned I am happy to admit to some bias. I worked for the company for a couple of years as a sales rep and I genuinely enjoyed my job. I loved the beers, the people and its history and the weird little facts like that the site was previous a crocodile park, something I remember as a terrified child, and that the Pale Ale was actually called ‘Live’ when it was first released, so named in tribute to the yeast. Anyway, you get it, I like Little Creatures so when they were bought by Lion Nathan and I read the backlash on Facebook I couldn’t help but take a little offense.

I liked this article because it’s exactly how I remember the brewery and Russ, the head brewer. When I worked there, when it was independently owned, the brewers did their weekly tastings, they adjusted the brews when their new shipment of hop flowers arrived (that was a cool day at the brewery!).

Have a read of this article for yourself, even take in the comments if you wish.

I think there is a lot to be said for someone’s palate changing more than a beer and for the increased exposure of things. When you first had an olive it may have tasted like the biggest flavour you ever had, now you might eat them by the bowl full. At the same time, you’re really liking olives now so you’re trying different types of olives, marinated in different flavours and stuffed with feta or pickled. There’s so much flavour now, they’re all different, it doesn’t mean the plain black olive changed.

Larsblog | What is it that ferments lambic?

Unleash your inner beer geek with this article that I have bookmarked because I need to read it another forty times to really take it in. It tells of a study looking at the yeast and bacteria in play at Cantillon in one of their lambics. We’re talking graphs, science and two new types of bacteria. Oh yeah baby, this is one sexy article.

In all seriousness, it’s a fantastic read and I can’t wait to read it again.

“It’s no surprise that lambic is complex in flavour given the ragbag army of microorganisms that go on the rampage in the fermenting wort

Draft Magazine | The case for drinking big beers out of wine glasses

I have yet to convert to complete beer geekery with a full range of proper beer glasses at home, it’s more out of laziness than non-believing. I am pretty happy with our wine, tall & straight and tulip glass options for our home beer drinking needs. Besides, we don’t drink much wine at home anyway!