Snapshot: Baby Mammoth & Rocky Ridge Collaboration Dinner

Snapshot – a post of (mostly) photos –
for a quick look at the recent Baby Mammoth and Rocky Ridge Brewing collaboration dinner featuring their Inglorious Chutney beer


Rocky Ridge & Baby Mammoth Collab Beer Launch

22 February 2018


Rocky Ridge Brewing head brewer and co-owner Hamish Coates
Hamish (left) and Baby Mammoth owners Tania and Ryan Lambson, Ryan is also the head chef as you might have already figured out from his clothes! You can read more about the Baby Mammoth and their dedication to beer and food by clicking on the photo to read the article on Crafty Pint by Guy Southern, aka Good Times Craft Beer
Chicken Sosatie, Green Peppers and Onions paired with Rocky Ridge Ace Pale Ale
Lacto Risotto, Fermented Coffee and Pecorino paired with Rocky Ridge Sour Buffalo
Hemp Seed Taco, Smoked Pickled Mushrooms paired with Rocky Ridge collaboration with Vasse Valley Hemp Farm, Dr Weedy’s Hemp Ale
Bobotie, Banana Leaf Rice and Sambal paired with Rocky Ridge collaboration with Baby Mammoth, Inglorious Chutney. This beer was surprisingly delicate and made using ginger, turmeric, coriander and inspired by chutney. This was a special sneak peek at the beer as it’s currently in four different wine barrels to referment and age for release in champagne bottles in a couple of months.
Grilled Banana Pound Cake, Chocolate BBQ Compote and Honeycomb Icecream paired with Rocky Ridge collaboration with Burnt End Smoking Co, Crimson

girl + Feral Beergustation

It’s not every beer dinner where one of the brewers recounts a story from a failed relationship where the punchline is “nice guy, dud root” – Welcome to the annual Feral Brewing “Beergustation” dinner.

It’s not every beer dinner where one of the brewers recounts a story from a failed relationship where the punchline is “nice guy, dud root”. Welcome to the annual Feral Brewing “Beergustation” dinner.

Feral invited my partner and I to the evening where we enjoyed seven courses of food, beer and banter with 128 other thirsty/hungry people.

Feral Brewing Beergustation

The welcome beer was, of course, Hop Hog – delicious, award winning and beer-geek pants-wettingly good. A very nice way to start the night.

Head brewer and owner Brendan Varis opened the night with a characteristically casual welcome, sharing with us his inspiration for starting Feral Brewing – a dislike for sweet potato. He painted an imaginary world where sweet potato was the only vegetable available and what an awful place that would be – same goes for beer. If boring lager was the only beer available … well, you get the idea. Thankfully our only vegetable isn’t sweet potato, though I happen to love the stuff, and Feral unapologetically make some big, bold, fantastic beers.

Blue Swimmer Crab and Horseradish Bruschetta w/ Feral Funky Junky

Pediococcus: bacteria that produces lactic acid, gives sour/tart qualities

Brettanomyces: wild yeast, gives “funk” and very dry qualities

For a little more info here is a short article I really enjoyed

Funky Junky is the oldest beer at Feral. Brewed back in 2012 with pediococcus (bacteria) and two types of brettanomyces (wild yeast) it was then left inside barrels to do it’s thing before being blended with some fresh stuff, a little like gueuze. The result is a sour beer with a good dose of funk and fresh sharp citrus.

Gueuze: a blend of young and old lambic

Lovely match to the dish especially with a squeeze of fresh lime and peppery rocket going nicely with the beers funk.

Blue Swimmer Crab and Horseradish Bruscetta

chinese bbq quail w/ white hog

The sweet glaze on the quail worked beautifully with the tropical fruit hops from the White Hog, a beer hybrid of two existing Feral beers – Hop Hog and White. This was one of my favourite pairings of the night. Laid under the quail like a little surprise were ribbons of pickled vegetables that complimented the crisp citrus in the beer. The dried noodles seemed to balance it all out, giving a counterpoint to hang the sweetness and citrus.

Chinese BBQ Quail


Smoked eel and pecorino croquettes w/ smoked porter

Having not had eel before I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this dish without the imagery of a slimy fat eel like you see on Animal Planet or something. Instead I took big sips of the smoked porter and almost forgot the intricacies of the dish and just enjoyed what a good smoked beer can add to food. Just that little more depth, that extra level of flavour. God I love a good smoked beer.

Smoked Eel and Pecorino Croquettes


… intermission

This is where door prizes were given away and brewer Will Irving was handed the microphone. He shared a story with everyone, a story attributed to the name of the next beer we were to be served – Nice Guy, Dud Root.

And so the story goes, whilst dating a girl they had been watching a movie on her couch and she was texting a friend and it appears Will was the subject of said messages. He was assured they were saying good things but when she then left the room curiosity took hold, he looked at the phone and read the words “nice guy, dud root”. He retold this story at work and now there’s a beer. This is why you don’t tell stories like this to co-workers, especially co-workers with a history of fun beer names like the Fanta Pants red ale or Karma Citra black IPA.

“That was years ago,” 

Will added quickly to finishhis story

Incidentally this is not the story told in Crafty’s article “What’s in a Name: Feral Brewing”

Feral boys - (L-R) Steve Finney, Will Irving and Steve Pickup
Feral boys – (L-R) Steve Finney, Will Irving and Steve Pickup

miso glazed patagonian tooth fish w/ nice guy dud root

Nice Guy Dud Root is an English style brown ale that was, according to sales manager Steve Finney, originally going to have coconut added to it as a late addition but upon tasting it was decided just to leave it alone, it was great as it was.

Certainly it is one of the most delicious brown ales I’ve had in recent memory with biscuit, tropical fruits and hints of red berry. It was a nice match with the sweetness from the glaze on the fish and a contrast with the pickled cucumber.

Miso glazed patagonian tooth fish

slow cooked beef cheeks with baby root vegetables w/ razorback

Hello Razorback, a 10% English style barleywine that’s just beautiful. Sweet red berries, a little port and a lot of warming booze; it’s unapologetically rich, smooth and delicious.

Barleywine: strong ale style, originated in Britain

The beer made for a bold pairing with an equally rich dish, the meat fell apart at the merest touch of the fork and the beetroot added a nice earthy sweetness that stood out from a largely rich pairing.

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with Root Vegetables

gorgonzola profiterole with watermelon jelly & sherbet w/ watermelon warhead

Ah, Watermelon Warhead, how I love thee. Low ABV, big flavour, crisp and refreshing and perfectly sour. It’s made with fresh local watermelon and left in Chardonnay barrels and I can’t get enough of it.

My first Watermelon Warhead experience – read about it here.

This was certainly the most left-field pairing for me of the night, the earthy gorgonzola playing against the sour beer and the sherbet together with a sip of Watermelon Warhead was like a small firecracker. Zingy and textually interesting, it was a talking point at the table.

I still cannot get enough of Watermelon Warhead and almost fell off my seat in enthusiasm as the waitress offered a top up.

Gorgonzola profiterole, watermelon jelly and sherbet

The chocolate nemesis w/ boris

Stupidly rich and indulgent, this chocolate nemesis almost defeated me … almost. Together with one of my absolute favourite Feral beers, Boris was his usual charming self – chocolate, fresh coffee beans and super smooth. Matching a Russian Imperial Stout to a chocolate dessert is one of those pairings that works time and time again.

Happy beer news – Boris will soon join the Feral family as a regularly brewed and bottled beer. Every day can be Russian Imperial Stout day!

The chocolate nemesis

You can read about the full range of Feral’s beers here at their website.

Thank you again to the whole team at Feral who invited my partner and I to this great event, we loved it!

Thanks also to my lovely partner who helped me get photos that weren’t black and the rest of the table for not laughing at me too much during photo taking!

Bush Shack Brewery Beer Dinner

Looking for something different to do on Thursday night? Like beer? Like food? Well, I think Yallingup’s Bush Shack Brewery might have you covered …

Looking for something different to do on Thursday night? Like beer? Like food? Well, I think Yallingup’s Bush Shack Brewery might have you covered …

Owner/Brewer Danial has provided me with the menu for the night and it’s positively drool-tastic, you should go because I need to experience it vicariously through someone else since I have a work-thing that night.

The event will be the launch of their yearly release Old Saint Nick’s, a bigger bolder version of their popular Yallingup Old.

The food will be done by Stephen Reagan from Busselton’s Newtown House.

Stephen and his wife Barbara have owned and operated Newtown House for the past 21years. During this time they have established the property as a mecca for fine food lovers the world over. The restaurant regularly features in international publications, Frommers Fodors and Lonely Planet as a ‘Must Visit’ destination for food.

Thursday 31st October, 6.30pm


Fresh Albany oyster shooter, stout jelly, stout, lime & mint dressing

Goat curd tartlet, caramelised shallots, rocket pesto

Served with Summer Golden Lager

2nd  Course

Seared Geraldton tuna, udon noodles, spring greens, chilli & coriander, lime

Served with Chilli Beer

3rd  Course

Roast pumpkin & tallegio ravioli, burnt sage butter

Served with Spelt Wheat Beer

Palate Cleanser

Pear Cider Sorbet

4th Course

Confit of duck, puy lentils, game jus

Served with Strawberry Blonde

5th Course

Margaret river venison, chocolate beer jus with chocolate nibs, roast beetroot

Side Dishes of salted roast baby potatoes & sautéed green beans with shallots

Served with Yallingup Old

6th Course

Zuccoto with rum & raisin glace, Italian meringue

Served with Old Saint Nicks

Bookings can be made with Danial on e: or ph: 97552848

3 Hemsley Road, Yallingup WA