GBW Day 4 : Colonial, Starward + beer awards

Good Beer Week, Day 4

Thursday 18 May

Friends of mine who work in the booze industry had organised to tour through Colonial Brewing and Starward Distillery, both in Port Melbourne and a stones throw, if you have a really, really good arm, from each other. Luckily they didn’t seem to mind if I tagged along and so my fourth day at Good Beer Week started pretty damn well!

Checking out Colonial Brewing

Colonial Brewing, Port Melbourne // Artwork by Ian Mutch // White space is used for their projector screen

Colonial’s Port Melbourne site, previously occupied by Matilda Bay, is home to a 25 hectolitre brew kit and though that’s the same size as the one at their Margaret River brewery, they have triple the number of tanks. The brewery is currently running with six brewers doing triple brews every day resulting in more than a million of litres of beer per year.

The canning line is equally busy, pushing through 100 cans per minute and there’s room to grow, in fact the machine could accommodate up to three times the work load it’s currently doing.

The canning line isn’t just fast, it’s also fantastic for quality control, for instance it weighs each can and if it’s not the correct weight, the machine removes it from the line.


Thanks heaps to Stiv, Georgia, Joel and Margaret for the tour, the t-shirt and a couple of cheeky tastings too!

Checking out Starward Distillery

Starward moved into this location from Essendon in December. Production runs seven days a week doing three distillations every day plus opening the bar from Friday to Sunday.

A 1,000 tonne grist in the mash yields 5,000 litres after which fermentation then distillation happens and then the waiting game, aging.

Thanks to Paul, Starward Brand Ambassador, for the tour and tasting!

L-R : Steve from 100 Proof, Starward’s brand ambassador Paul and Adam from 100 Proof

The 25th annual Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA)

AIBA hosts Pete Mitcham and Kirrily Waldron

This is THE night for the Australian craft beer industry and between this and Good Beer Week it makes Melbourne an irresistible time for hundreds across the country.

Will (Feral Brewing), Caitlin (Nail Brewing) and I

Returning from last year, the evening was hosted by Kirrily “The Beer Diva” Waldron and Pete “Prof Pilsner” Mitcham. The food was by Adam D’Sylva from two Melbourne restaurants, Coda and Tonka.

Hot smoked yellowtail kingfish, green papaya, cucumber, tamarind and roasted rice dressing paired with Gage Roads Little Dove
Roasted yellow duck curry with jasmine rice paired with Fixation IPA
Classic apple tarte tatin, caramel popcorn ice cream and black salt paired with the AIBA 2017 Collaboration beer Citrus East Coast IPA

As is always the trend, the awards received a record number of entries. WA breweries were awarded 88 medals in total with 15 of those being gold. Colonial Brewing took home a trophy for the can design on their Pale Ale and The Beer Farm got a trophy for Best International Lager for their India Pale Lager.

Full results can be found here.

Me and the boss aka John (Nail Brewing)
Stiv (Colonial Brewing) and Ben (Beer Farm)
L-R : Ross (The Sip), Blainey (100 Proof), me, Ash and Eddie (Little Creatures)

Queensland breweries Green Beacon and Balter Brewing were awarded trophies for Champion Small Australian Brewery and Champion Medium Australian Brewery respectively. In addition, Balter were also awarded Best New Exhibitor.

Steve (Feral) and Kyle (Gage Roads)
Brent and Brendan (Cheeky Monkey) and I
Blainey (100 Proof), Dan (Dainton Family Brewing), me (weirdly sticking my arms out for some reason), Dave (Mountain Goat) and Reece (Nowhereman Brewing)
Blainey (100 Proof) and I

Over in the media section I was stoked to see my name in the top three, for the second year running, alongside Australian Brews News editor James Atkinson and Crafty Pint‘s Kerry McBride. James Atkinson was awarded the media trophy for his excellent work.

Blainey (100 Proof), Reece (Nowhereman Brewing), Kyle (Gage Roads) and Caitlin (Nail Brewing)
Margaret (Colonial), myself and Caitlin (Nail Brewing)

AIBA 2015 – WA Results

The Australian International Beer Awards were held last week during Good Beer Week in Melbourne.

The Crafty Pint published a great write up including details of the Champion Trophy and Major Trophy winners from the night. You can read it here. A full list of trophies and medals can be found here.

Our fantastic WA breweries were collectively awarded 88 medals across a variety of beer styles and packaging/design.

I have complied a list of medals awarded to WA breweries so if you’re into summaries and lists then you’re in for a treat!

Let’s break it down …

Total medals awarded to WA breweries:

8 Gold, 29 Silver and 51 Bronze Medals

Most medals for a WA Breweries:

Nail Brewing with 16 medals, followed closely by Gage Roads with 13.

Medal Tally by Brewery (alphabetical order):

Bootleg Brewery – 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
Cape Bouvard – 1 Bronze
Cheeky Monkey Brewery – 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
Colonial Brewing – 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
Eagle Bay Brewing – 4 Bronze
Feral Brewing – 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze
Gage Roads Brewing – 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze
Homestead Brewery – 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze
Indian Ocean Brewing – 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
Mash Brewery – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Nail Brewing – 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 9 Bronze
Northbridge Brewing Co – 1 Bronze
Sail & Anchor – 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
The Old Brewery – 3 Silver, 1 Bronze
The Monk Brewery – 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze

Gold Medals awarded to:

Mash Copy Cat (Draught) – American Style

Nail Beazle 2015 (Draught) – American Style

Nail Stout (Packaged) – Other Stout

Gage Roads Pils 3.5 (Draught) – Reduced Alcohol Lager

Homestead Kaisers Choice Hefeweizen (Draught) – German Style Hefe
Feral Watermelon Warhead (Draught) – Other Wheat Beer

The Monk Sir Ryesalot (Draught) – Saison

Colonial Draught – Labels / Surface Graphic on Bottles or Cans

WA Results:

Silver – Munich Style Helles – Homestead Brauhaus Lager (Draught)
Silver – Vienna – The Old Brewery Red Raw Lager (Draught)
Bronze – Dortmunder – Indian Ocean Kraken Export (Draught)

Homestead Grand Opening

SILVER: Homestead Brewery Brauhaus Lager (draught)

Silver – Other Pilsner – Cheeky Monkey Hatseller Kiwi Pilsner (Draught)
Bronze – Other Pilsner – Gage Roads Small Batch Lager (Packaged)

Bronze – German Style Schwarzbier – Mash Blacklist Black Lager (Draught)

Silver – Australian Style Pale Ale – Gage Roads Breakwater Pale Ale (Draught)
Silver – Australian Style Pale Ale – Nail Ale (Draught)
Silver – Australian Style Pale Ale – Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale (Packaged)
Bronze – Australian Style Pale Ale – Gage Roads Breakwater Pale Ale (Packaged)
Bronze – Australian Style Pale Ale – Nail Ale (Packaged)
Bronze- Australian Style Pale Ale – Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale (Draught)

Silver – British Style – Cheeky Monkey Old Reliable Pale Ale (Draught)
Bronze – British Style – Gage Roads Atomic Pale Ale (Packaged)
Bronze – American Style – Feral Hop Hog (Draught and Packaged)
Bronze – American Style – Eagle Bay Pale Ale (Packaged)
Bronze – American Style – The Monk Pale (Draught)
Bronze – Other International Pale Ale – Feral Hopfen Fahrt (Draught)

Bronze – English Summer – Nail Golden Nail (Draught and Packaged)
Bronze – English Summer – Indian Ocean New World Kolsch (Draught)
Bronze – English Summer – Sail & Anchor Golden Ale (Draught)
Bronze – Other British Style Ale – The Monk Rauch (Draught)

Bronze – Kolsch – Colonial Draught (Draught and Packaged)
Bronze – Kolsch – Eagle Bay Kolsch (Packaged)

Silver – British Style – Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA (Packaged)
Bronze – British Style – Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA (Draught)
Gold – American Style – Mash Copy Cat (Draught)
Silver – American Style – Colonial IPA on Tour #05: Chief Pontiac (Draught)
Silver – American Style – Bootleg Speakeasy IPA (Draught)
Silver – American Style – The Monk The Chief IPA (Draught)
Bronze – Imperial / Double IPA – The Old Brewery Tomahawk IPA (Draught)
Bronze – Other IPA – Homestead Black Swan (Draught)
Bronze – Other IPA – Eagle Bay Black IPA (Packaged)
Bronze – Other IPA – Cheeky Monkey Hagenbeck Belgian IPA (Draught)
Bronze – Other IPA – Gage Roads Narrow Neck Session Ale (Draught & Packaged)

Gold – American Style Red – Nail Beazle 2015 (Draught)
Bronze – American Style Red – The Monk Mosaic and the Red Sea (Draught)
Bronze – American Style Red – Nail Beazle 2015 (Packaged)
Bronze – American Style Red – Nail Red (Draught and Packaged)
Silver – Other Amber / Dark Ale – Sail and Anchor Amber Ale (Draught)
Bronze – Other Amber / Dark Ale – Sail and Anchor Amber Ale (Packaged)

Bronze – Robust Porter – Bootleg Raging Bull (Draught)
Bronze – Robust Porter – The Monk Porter (Draught)
Silver – Other Porter – Feral Boris (Draught and Packaged)
Silver – Other Porter – Nail HUGE Dunn (Packaged)
Silver – Other Porter – Feral Smoked Porter (Packaged)
Bronze – Other Porter – Nail HUGE Dunn (Draught)

Silver – Imperial Stout – Nail Clout Stout (Draught and Packaged)
Bronze – Imperial Stout – Nail Clayden Brew (Draught and Packaged)
Gold – Other Stout – Nail Stout (Packaged)
Silver – Other Stout – Nail Stout (Draught)
Silver – Other Stout – Bootleg Up and About Breakfast Stout (Draught)

Nail Oatmeal Stout

GOLD: Nail Stout (packaged)

Bronze – Reduced Alcohol Ale – Eagle Bay Mild (Packaged)
Bronze – Reduced Alcohol Ale – Colonial Small Ale (Packaged)
Bronze – Reduced Alcohol Ale – Cheeky Monkey Travelling Monk Mid Strength Red Ale (Draught)
Gold – Reduced Alcohol Lager – Gage Roads Pils 3.5 (Draught)
Silver – Reduced Alcohol Lager – Gage Roads Pils 3.5 (Packaged)
Bronze – Reduced Alcohol Lager – The Monk Mild (Draught)

Silver – Belgian Wit – Indian Ocean Bonny Wit (Draught)
Bronze – Belgian Wit – Colonial Wheat (Draught)
Bronze – Belgian Wit – Feral White (Draught)
Gold – German Style Hefe – Homestead Kaisers Choice Hefeweizen (Draught)
Silver – German Style Hefe – The Old Brewery Heritage Wheat (Draught)
Bronze – German Style Hefe – Cape Bouvard Wheat Beer (Draught)
Gold – Other Wheat Beer – Feral Watermelon Warhead (Draught)

Silver – Tripel – Feral Kelis (Draught)
Gold – Saison – The Monk Sir Ryesalot (Draught)
Silver – Saison – The Old Brewery Eliza’s Saison (Draught)
Silver – Saison – Homestead St Isidore Saison (Draught)
Bronze – Saison – Northbridge Brewing Beerland Saison (Draught)
Bronze – Other Belgian / French Style Ale – Homestead No 1 Premier (Draught)

Silver – Wood Aged – Feral BFH (Draught)
Bronze – Wood Aged – Bootleg Bucking Bull (Draught)
Bronze – Wood Aged – Homestead Cuvee Oak Aged Dark Ale (Draught)
Bronze – Other Speciality Beer – Indian Ocean Mumme Returns (Draught)

Gold – Labels / Surface Graphic on Bottles or Cans – Colonial Draught
Silver – Labels / Surface Graphic on Bottles or Cans – Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale
Silver – Labels / Surface Graphic on Bottles or Cans – Colonial Small Ale
Bronze – Labels / Surface Graphic on Bottles or Cans – Bootleg x Mane Liquor Ryezilla
Bronze – Consumer retail packaging (Outer Case) – Colonial x Emergence Small Ale

Colonial CansGOLD: Colonial Draught