Barrel to Mini-Bar to Ester: Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Last month I was in Sydney and I walked into my hotel, Paramount House Hotel with my eyes wide and my smile big. The place was beautiful, the sort of fit out that makes you want to sit and spend time just looking so you don’t miss anything. It opened in April and sits surrounded by the Golden Age Cinema, Paramount Coffee Project, The Office Space and Paramount Recreation Club.

Lobby of Paramount House Hotel

Lobby of Paramount House Hotel
Lobby of Paramount House Hotel

I got into the elevator that’s covered in delightful pink wallpaper with a hibiscus and diving men pattern, I got out on the third floor, found my room and fell in love with the place. They’re not kidding when they say “permanent vacation”, the place does make you want to hang around for a really long time.

Elevator at Paramount House Hotel
Elevator at Paramount House Hotel

This long introduction is leading somewhere beery, I promise.

An exploration of the hotel room isn’t complete without looking in the mini-bar. I almost fell over when I saw a small bottle of Wildflower beer inside.

Wildflower Brewing and Blending in Marrickville, NSW is dedicated to making Australian Wild Ales. To see a bottle of this beer in a hotel room mini-bar was pretty extraordinary given mini-bars are usually the domain of mainstream beers only. Wildflower is also on tap in the hotel lobby and Topher, co-owner of Wildflower, says they are one of their best customers.

A few nights later, with friends old and new, I was having dinner at Ester in Chippendale and there was Wildflower again. We, of course, get a bottle for the table along with a bottle of white wine. It puts a big smile on my face to see Wildflower at Ester, a place listed as the top NSW restaurant by the Financial Review Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants and number two for Australia.

Wildflower at Ester Restaurant
Wildflower at Ester Restaurant

From Singapore Airlines (Cheeky Monkey, BentSpokeBentSpoke to name two) to major sports stadiums (Gage Roads) and AFLW (Two Birds) to hotel mini-bars and top Australian restaurants, Australian craft beer continues to do absolutely incredible things!

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