WA Beer News #19

New beers this week from Bootleg Brewery, Beer Farm and a collab with Scarborough bar El Grotto and 4 Pines Brewing plus some news on upcoming beers from Little Creatures, Otherside Brewing and WA retail group Liquor Barons have their own limited release collab beer coming soon …

There is a lot of stuff happening in WA’s craft beer scene that it’s genuinely hard to keep up with all the new beer releases and WA really is kicking ass when it comes to craft beer and so I thought I’d try and make a regular feature out of all the new beery goodness our state has to offer.

The girl+beer Facebook page has a list of upcoming beer events that you might find worth subscribing to!

new beers …

Bootleg Brewery – Paint the Town

  • Red IPA
  • Limited release
  • Available on tap only
  • 7 percent ABV

This beer is the first commercial beer that brewer Dillon Hunter has designed and brewed from start to finish. It is a Red IPA with a tonne of specialty malts for “a deep dark berry-like flavour” and heavily hopped with Eureka and Citra. It was dry hopped on Sunday so expect to see kegs this week.

The beer officially launches tonight at The Goose in Busselton and kegs have been delivered to a handful of locations around Perth such as Aubin Grove Liquor, Mane Liquor, Caboose, Petition Beer Corner and more. Check out Bootleg Brewery Facebook page for a full listing.

Photo from Bootleg Brewery

Beer Farm Mango and Blackberry Belgian Sour

  • (super) Limited Release
  • Available on tap only
  • 5.8 percent ABV

Beer Farm warn that this beer is very, very limited so if you see it, get it! So far it has been spotted at Clarence’s in Mt Lawley and word is it’s heading to Thirsty Camel Maddington, Gangemi’s in West Perth and DTC.

4 Pines x El Grotto Honky Tonk

  • Limited Release
  • Available on tap only
  • 7.2 percent ABV

This collaboration between 4 Pines Brewing and Scarborough’s El Grotto, Honky Tonk is a Baltic Porter that uses a bean from Central America called the Tonka Bean. James from El Grotto tells me is actually banned by the FDA in the USA! Tasting notes for this beer include dried cherry, marzipan and vanilla and from the sample I had during the week I can tell you those notes are spot on. It is also super drinkable for a beer over 7 percent, it’s basically a really rich and complicated liquid version of a cherry ripe!

coming soon …

Mountain Goat x Liquor Barons Galactic Baron

  • 6.3 percent ABV
  • Very Pale Ale
  • Brewed exclusively for Liquor Barons stores
  • ETA Early October
Free beer! A gift from Liquor Barons, thanks guys!

Little Creatures Single Batch Reinhold

  • 6.5 percent ABV
  • Sticke Altbier
  • Limited Release
  • Available in 568ml pint bottles and on tap
  • ETA Early October

Brewers’ notes describe this release as Rogers’, their trusty amber ale, German cousin. The German Altbier style originates in the Rhine Valley and the name translates to “old beer”, Little Creatures notes this sticke altbier as altbier’s younger sibling.

“Full of toffee and fudge aromas, with some grassy hops peeking through, this beer is assertively bitter to start. It then gives way to a full mouthfeel of sweet malts.”

Otherside Vinyl Black Ale

  • Limited Release
  • Available on tap and in 375ml cans
  • ETA Early October
  • 5.9 percent ABV

The third in Otherside Brewing’s Pilot Series of limited releases, Vinyl is a Black Ale with artwork by local Perth artist Alex Maciver.

Brewery notes describe this beer as “an intense brew that perfectly complements late nights spent in a dive bar by the jukebox.”


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