Beer & Food Pairing … but not all the time

Sure, it’s great when you find a beer and food pairing that’s perfect but it’s not always about THAT moment

It was a stinking hot day in Perth today so what springs to mind when you’re hit with a day like that? Beach, beer and BBQ.


After hitting the beach with our dog I just had BBQ and beer left on my hot-summer-day-to-do-list so I went home and threw some chicken wings on the BBQ and opened the beer fridge.

Maybe I should have something malty like a brown ale to go with the chicken wings that were coated in barbeque sauce. Maybe something smoky to go with the char of the BBQ. Maybe something hoppy. Maybe, maybe, maybe. In the end I grabbed a Berliner Weisse.

Nomad Brookvaler Weisse
Nomad Brookvaler Weisse – a Berliner Weisse with lemongrass, 3.6% ABV

There was no reason other than ‘hell yeah, I wanna drink that!” and sometimes that’s the best reason of all.

I love beer, of course, and I love it when you have a beer and food pairing that’s so wonderful together that you are convinced the two should never be served without each other. On the other hand, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy a beer you want to drink and food you like to eat without thinking or even caring about whether they pair together.

After all, beer is fun – that’s the thing to know about beer, that above all else it’s super fun. Above pairing it with food, above pairing it with cheese, above how limited the release was, beer is fun.

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