Modus Operandi + Cheese

It’s been far too long between beer and cheese posts so here’s a recent pairing …

It has been far too long between beer and cheese posts …

A trip to the Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater inevitably ends in one delicious conclusion – lots of amazing cheese in the fridge at home. Then I spend the next couple of nights wondering whether it’s okay to eat cheese for dinner.

Cheese! Great recommendations from Geoff and Kelsey in-store

Even though cheese for dinner is pretty damn great, pairing it with beer is even better.

The Beer

Modus Operandi Session IPA

Modus Operandi are based in NSW and their beers have gained a strong beer geek following in WA and rightly so, they’re cracking beers!

The Session IPA is 4.1 percent ABV and hopped with Simcoe, Citra and Chinook. It’s a really nice beer, super easy drinking and I loved the grassy and melon flavours that sit side by side with some stone fruit and a lime citrusy finish.

The Cheese

Reypenaer VSOP

A gouda from the Netherlands that is aged for a minimum of two years; both age and a salt wash contribute to the distinctive orange colour.

The taste reminded me of burnt butter and there are some nice rich caramel flavours, a fruity tang and a little nuttiness.


A lovely pairing! The cheese is full flavoured and there’s just enough guts in the Modus Operandi Session IPA to support it.

The cheese brings out all the delicate fruits in the beer and the beers bitterness compliments the tangy of the cheese.

Modus Operandi Session IPA and Reypenaer VSOP pictured on the right

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