Beer of the Moment – Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

Beer of the Moment – those exceptional, gorgeous, stunning beers that absolutely any one with taste buds should try at least five times.

Apparently I wrote this back in March and just never posted it. I don’t know why. Given my continued enjoyment of this sensational beer, when you can get it, I thought I’d better post it now before I forget about it again!

Seeking out more gose beers has recently become a matter of priority in my life and not just in the summer months. No doubt gose is a beer style to reach for when it’s really warm, when the sun is so hot that all those egg-cooking-on-a-car-bonnet videos pop up on Facebook but it is also the beer to reach for when you want refreshment, something a little different, something that won’t blow your taste buds into oblivion and something stunning.

Say HELLO to Gose, a beer style originating from Goslar in Germany. Gose is a wheat beer that features coriander, salt and lactic bacteria. The result is a beer that’s very pale in colour and a little acidic with a subtle lingering saltiness.

One gose that has now become one of my all time favourite beers is the Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose from California, USA. It’s gose with blood orange thrown in and it’s gorgeous; super refreshing, delicious, delicate and delightful, all in one little can.

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

There’s heaps of blood orange, it’s certainly the dominant flavour, like an alcoholic San Pellegrino Aranciata but there’s also fresh lime and a dash of salty minerality to be found in the beer. Delicately acidic and just beautiful.

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If you can find this beer, drink it. If you like, it also goes pretty well with tequila too! (I can’t claim that idea as my own, that was my partner/booze genius!)



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