Weekend Reading #68

This weeks edition features articles on Australian hop farms, a look at trademarks, an interview with Jasper of Camden Town and a little on beer & food pairing

For those quiet moments on the weekend when you’re able to catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly (ahem, usually) post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days.

Good Beer Hunting | Critical Drinking with Jasper Cuppaidge of Camden Town Brewery

This is a really interesting interview given it’s been about six months since the sale of Camden Town to global beer giant AB-InBev and they don’t skirt around the subject either. The conversation covers the significant plans in the works right now for the brewery as well as Jasper’s reflection on the sale at the time.


June 2015 - Jasper and I at Gordon Street Garage
June 2015 – I got to interview Jasper whilst he was in Perth

Wall Street Journal | Hopportunity Cost – Craft Brewers Brawl Over Catchy Names as Puns Run Dry

I do love a punny beer name, I’d hate to think we’re running out of them.

Vogue | How to Pair Beer and Food Like a Pro: Tips from the Coolest Independent Craft Brewers

I am not really a Vogue reading kinda girl but I do tend to Google “craft beer” and “news” and this came up. Craft beer and food pairing in Vogue.

ABC News | Craft beer boom brews expansion for Australian hop farmers in Tasmania, Victoria

Great to get some insight into the knock on effort of craft beer continuing to grow and hop farms needing to expand too! Always exciting to see what new varieties appear. I was recently listening to an American beer podcast and Australian hop varieties were mentioned quite often by big international craft brewers. There’s no doubt, we are growing some great stuff!

Trey at Karridale Hop Farm
Trey from Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm inspecting some Cascade hops

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