A Bottle Share of Barley Wine

A brewer, a distiller and a certified cicerone walk into our house.

My other half and I had three friends over last weekend to share the bottle of Mountain Goat 2016 Barrel Breed Barley Wine that came to me in the form of wonderful and very generous beer mail. Our friends, fellow booze industry people like us, had a few barley wine stashed away themselves and so a bottle share soon put itself together.

A bottle share is something I have been meaning to do for a while – get some friends together, everyone brings beers to share, I probably don’t need to spell it out, I’m sure you figured this out from the name.

All together we had 15 barley wines and lined up together on the table they looked a little intimidating but pretty exciting too, perhaps the same way a big wave looks to a surfer.*

After a couple of welcome beers, after all you generally don’t just jump into a barley wine without a little warm up, we thought we’d better settle on what order we would try the beers. As a rough guide we went from lowest to highest ABV (alcohol by volume) as pictured left to right below.

barley wine

Highlights of the Night

Mountain Goat Barrel Breed 2016 Barley Wine – surprisingly lighter in body than I had expected but that is probably due to the onslaught my palate had already been subjected to. Lots happening here in this excellent example of a barley wine.

11.3% ABV // Barley Wine aged in Lark Distillery barrels // Limited bottles available // One keg now available at Bob’s Bar, Perth and the other will be tapped at Mane Liquor on Saturday 16 July at a special event also featuring Gusface Grillah.

Mountain Goat Barley Wine

Boatrocker Banshee – rich, boozy, head meltingly delicious.

Boatrocker Banshee

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2011, 2013 & 2016 – tasting the differences in years was super interesting, particularly when it came to the body of the beer, how much weight and richness was added with a few years of aging.

Sierra Nevada Big Foot

Not-so-Highlights of the Night

Lack of notes – not one of us wrote down anything about the beers and hence this post being sadly lacking in tasting notes. Next time I’d attach a big tag to each bottle and even if I just got a few key words here and there that would have been great.

The next day – oh my, that was a mighty hangover.

advice for your own bottle share …

Take notes, drink a TONNE of water and plan to do very little the next day!

*not sure why I went with that analogy, I’ve never surfed a day in my life.

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