Weekend Reading #66

For those quiet moments on the weekend when you’re able to catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly (ahem, usually) post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days.

Seattle Weekly | Inside the Underhanded Effort to Unseat Craft Beer in Seattle

Though we don’t operate in the same way the United States does with their three tier system – a system that basically dictates how booze goes from the people who made it to the people who drink it; created to prevent monopolies on booze – there is much debate on the topic of beer tap contracts here in Australia.

“A product can only be sold if customers can find it. If craft brewers are being squeezed off the shelf because of restrictive behavior by the dominant companies, that harms competition and limits consumers’ options.”

Breweries can, and many do, offer incentives for venues to put their beer on tap whether it’s a discount, a rebate (“Hey Bob, if you sell my beer I’ll give you -insert figure here- for every litre you sell!”) or just plain upfront money. A hotly debated topic because both small and large breweries do this.

LISTEN: Radio Brews News – Tap Contracts

NBC News | Craft Beer Company Looks to Make Fish-Friendly Packaging

“The edible rings are made from wheat and barley used during the brewing process. The spent grains, normally sold off as cattle feed, are treated with additives and pressed to form the rings.”

This is a nice story and one that makes you wonder how it’s not already a thing. I hope that someone in Australia brings this in too!

The Drinks Business | Soda Stream Launches Instant Beer Machine

Have you ever looked at your Soda Stream and thought to yourself, “I bet this thing could make great beer!” Yeah, I didn’t think so.

“Soda Stream has edged further into the alcoholic drinks category with the launch of a beer concentrate that can be transformed into beer simply by adding carbonated water.”

It is first being launched in Europe and the article does not mention if it is coming to Australia. I think if Soda Stream have seen the short life of Lion Nathan’s Tap King here then they’re probably not rushing to get into our market.

CNBC | 3 essential business growth lessons from the craft beer boom

A good read though and I’d say that this won’t be much news to Australian craft brewers, I see many of these “lessons” in the craft breweries I love.


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