5 minutes with Tim from Cellarbrations Carlisle

This edition of 5 minutes with features Tim Hoskins, resident beer dude at one of Perth’s best beer retailers – Cellarbrations Carlisle.

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Tim Hoskins, resident beer dude and manager at one of Perth’s best beer retailers – Cellarbrations Carlisle.

Find Cellarbrations Carlisle at 2 Wright Street, Kewdale

Every time I see Tim he has a big smile on his face, he is passionate about what he does and loves his beer and knows his stuff. As one of the hosts for last year’s WA Beer Week event Meat the Brewer he was fabulous and, thanks to his girlfriend, was able to literally eat on the run, grabbing bites of food from her hand in between making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and had enough beer.

Time to hand things over to Tim …

1. What was your epiphany beer and when did you have it?

The complete details are a little hazy, it was quite some time ago! When I was of age, I was always looking for something different, Coopers Green was my go-to 11 years ago because it just was dry, full of yeasty goodness and had a certain quality to it. But really it was just anything different. When I was 19 I had a Chimay Blue, which blew my mind, and then the hunt was on, heading to my first venture to the IBS [International Beer Shop], I used to live in Beerliar so it was quite the drive to Leederville. Then I stumbled upon, Cellarbrations Carlisle and didn’t look back!

2. What is the most exciting thing about craft beer in WA?

I would have to say first – Quality. I think we take for granted in Perth that we have such a high standard of quality beer being produced here, that we expect the world to offer a higher level of quality. WA has world par quality which is great considering in Perth there is only 1.5 million people. Secondly, and hand in hand with quality – freshness. We have breweries brewing 5-7 days a week to keep up with our demands so the shops around Perth who take the time and effort, reward the customers with that same freshness they would get at the breweries themselves.
Tim Hoskins Cellarbrations Carlisle

3. If you could collaborate with any two breweries, which ones and why?

Now that’s a tough question! So I’ll just quickly answer with what comes to mind, the list is gigantic! I am a big fan of Boatrocker, so would love to do one with them and I am a big fan of Artisan Brewing in Denmark, WA. Both of them have a great passion and knowledge on yeast, so I think they would get on great guns and it would amazing to be part of that!!

4. What Australian breweries should people watch this year?

Who shouldn’t you be! It’s hard not to notice the extra effort and beyond Feral has been putting in, I would love to see more single release series from them, but who wouldn’t! (Plus they are flat out creating all sorts of new and exciting beers). The Monk has recently seen a shift in operations with an all star team on board, we’ve already seen some fresh new beers from them, definitely well worth a visit! There are far too many to go on about, in WA let alone in Australia, I love to talk and could keep doing so.

5. You finish a long shift at work and when you get home, what beer do you reach for and what food do you have with it?

Colonial Small Ale, the food is whatever is in my fridge, could be a sausage, could be home made burger. But if it is particularly long I love to search through some stashes, bring out something big and barrel aged like Boatrocker Ramjet, 3 Ravens Druid, Boss Taurus*, grab some amazing cheese and rip off chunks of fresh bread. If its been a bad day, that’s the way to cure it!
*Boss Taurus was a collaboration between Cellarbrations Carlisle and Margaret River’s Bootleg Brewery, you can read more about the whisky barrel aged imperial dark ale here. A brilliant beer that made it in the Crafty Pint list of the ten best new beers for WA in 2015 (a list that was partly put together by myself and Tim alongside another two panel members).


4 thoughts on “5 minutes with Tim from Cellarbrations Carlisle”

  1. Such a cool post. I haven’t been to Cellarbrations Carlisle but I think I’ll have to make the trek! I already drive to Mane Liquor so it’d be about the same distance 😉 So great to see people who are passionate about what they do. I will have to try some of Tim’s favourites (though I’m already drinking half of them, go WA BEER!!)

  2. What’s in a name? I know another Tim Hoskins who works at Whipper Snapper distillery in East Perth. Something about this industry!

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