5 Minutes with Zack Garcia

5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Zack Garcia, beer loving bartender and beer educator.

If you’ve been hanging out in bars in Mt Lawley and Northbridge then chances are  you have been served by this man – Zack. He was the beer dude at Five Bar for a while and now you can find him at Dominion League and Mechanics Institute in Northbridge. He also conducts regular beer education sessions for Lion Nathan. Enthusiastic, knowledgable and just down right great fun, here is 5 minutes with Zack Garcia.

What was your epiphany beer?

Shiraz (2009) barrel aged gluten free low carbon non drowsy vegan friendly low fat no yeast was harmed in the naming of this beer Belgian black frozen fermented quad non hopped IPA!

It was actually Deneb, a Munich style dunkel brewed by Mal at the Sail and Anchor, it was about 3-4 weeks into my life of bartending and it blew me away. Biscuits, caramel and light toasted characters. My eyes lit up like a cat sniffing catnip for the first time.

What does the term “craft beer” mean to you and do you think it’s still relevant?

The term itself to me has no meaning anymore. It used to, but anyone who pays attention to the beer itself knows terms like that mean as little as the snobbery (is that even a word?!) that attaches itself to beer.

What beer do you think is really under rated?

This was hard, there’s a lot of beer that needs attention.

Kooinda Milk Porter. Incredibly versatile, ridiculously well balanced, can be used in cooking, can be thrown in a barrel (I hope Kooinda reads this and does just that) and is just downright delicious. Giddy up!

Honourable mention to Cheeky Monkey NZ Pilsner

What is the biggest beer myth you think needs to be corrected?

I’ve been drinking beer for 10 years with no gut, awww yeah!

What three beers would you recommend to non beer drinkers and why?

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale
Mountain Goat Steam
Feral Barrel Fermented Hog

I’ve chosen the above for a number of reasons, they’re approachable, award winning, pioneering beers that have helped put Australia on the map. Non beer drinkers get to know!

Bonus Question for WA Beer Week!

What WA Beer Week events are you most excited about?

Anything involving me + Mabel, beersine, Monk and Co-Op. Those guys aren’t in the same league, they’ve made their own sport. Everything they do is just so on point and they’re paving the way for beergustations, dessert matchings, balance and downright deliciousness.

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