Weekend Reading #48

For those lazy weekend mornings when you just want to stay in bed and catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days and hope that you will too.

Perth Now | Little Creatures’ founders make crafty return to beer hall

I find it hard to believe that a building in the centre of Perth CBD has been unused for 20 years, it just seems crazy. This week The Petition Beer Corner and their related venues opened their doors for the first time. Seb, ex-beer dude at Print Hall, has moved up the road to be the venue manager and look after the 18 taps of awesome that will be in constant rotation. Between Petition, Bob’s Bar and D.T.C it makes for a fairly incredible beery landscape.

Australian Brews News | Gage Roads defends executive payrises

I have never worked as a brewer so I am probably not well placed to comment on this article except to say that it seems an interesting one. I have read several comments on a couple of social media platforms which are less than positive. It is also intriguing to read what categories are on the rise, and which aren’t, for Gage.

Sydney Morning Herald | How not to kill craft beer as big breweries scoop up smaller rivals

Again, interesting. A former Foster’s chief executive says that craft breweries steering clear of the big supermarkets. It’s the same sentiment that I heard from American craft brewery Deschutes’s vice president of sales, Andrew Tysler, when I met him a few years ago. There’s probably a lot of merit in this advice, it could be argued that with every deal done, exclusivity agreed to or even just ranging agreement the power that the “big guys” have in the market grows and solidifies.

“Stone and Wood has been selling on allocation all its life,” – you have to ask yourself if this was a result of business direction or simply the position they found themselves in having blown the market away with their great beer and being unable to keep up. A great position to be in but I am not sure whether this the certified business decision this article makes it out to be. I obviously have no insight into Stone & Wood so I’m happy to be corrected if my assumptions are incorrect.

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