Beer Podcasts

Being back in a job that requires a lot of driving I have been listening to lots of podcasts, unsurprisingly many of them are beer related.

Here’s my favourite beer podcasts –

Radio Brews News | Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham 

An Australian podcast from the Australian Brews News team. The friendship and respect between Matt and Pete is clear and makes for fun and engaging chat. Expect interesting interviews with both craft and bigger players in the industry. These podcasts always spark something in my head and I often find myself being challenged with new information or alternative points of view being presented.

Good Beer Hunting | Michael Kiser

An American podcast with some really great and indepth interviews, the sort of interviews you’ll want to save and listen again. From Blue Moon to Brooklyn, Good Beer Hunting covers a lot of territory in the US. I don’t think I will ever delete Episode 53 Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery live at GBH Studio – it was THAT good.

Ale of a Time | Luke Robertson and Dave Ellis

Another Australian podcast with two mates Luke and Dave. The guys call Melbourne home and often get to some great events at various Melbourne pubs, have interesting interviews great industry folk and often manage to include some non-beery stuff too. Great chat and not afraid to voice their own opinions, makes for good listening.

The Sour Hour | Jay Goodwin

One of the newest shows to be added to The Brewing Network, it’s pretty beer nerdy and there’s often times when I get a bit lost in the conversation but I still enjoy it! As the name suggests it’s all focused on sour beers and so it is a pretty unique podcast.

The Sunday Session, also on The Brewing Network, is also worth having a listen to.

And in my search for more beery podcast goodness I have also found The Beerists but I have only listened to one episode so far – Episode 180 Gose. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes a bit like being in a boys locker room but there’s some good conversation and banter in there too. I’ll keep listening and see if it sticks. I also have another Australian podcast lined up to start listening to – Not Two Bright – which comes from Bright in Victoria.

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