Chatting with Jasper, Camden Town Brewery // Part 4

The final part of my interview with Jasper from Camden Town Brewery, London, when he was in Perth in May.

Jasper of Camden Town Brewery (London) was in Perth at the end of May talking beer and enjoying the sunshine. I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Jasper over a coffee and some breakfast.

We chatted for over an hour about how Camden came to be in Australia, the craft beer scene in the UK compared to here, the need for a definition on craft beer, the formation of a new association for British craft brewers – United Craft Brewers, Camden’s sour program and the new brewery Camden are building. In short, we talked a lot about some really cool stuff.

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Big thanks to Sarah from Memorable Drinks and Jasper from Camden Town Brewery for letting me conduct this interview on such short notice and with such a tight schedule, much appreciated.

Jasper and I at Gordon Street Garage

Here’s the fourth and final instalment, I hope you enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed writing it!

If you were to start your brewery today, would you do anything different?

“That’s a great question,” Jasper said and after a long pause exclaimed “Loads!” and laughed.

“I would have bought a bigger brewery.”

As far as the beers go, Jasper wouldn’t change a thing. The range is exactly what they set out to do. “We are a dedicated lager brewer and proud to be,” Jasper said.

So other than a bigger brewery, what else would Jasper do a little differently? Hire more staff of course, “we were probably a little short on people.”

How will craft beer grow?

Beer consumption in Australia is declining but craft beer continues to grow, it has been said time and time again.

[Read: Business Insider – Craft beer consumption in Australia has passed a big milestone]

So what can the craft beer industry do to keep this growth going?

To Jasper the growth of craft beer will continue, it’s our job to nurture it.

“It can’t get bigger without great people.”

Craft breweries need to continue to emphasis quality and longevity, prove that craft beer isn’t a fad or a faze, it’s here to stay. On top of this the industry needs to make sure drinkers understand what is meant by “quality”. As a word that is thrown around a lot in many industries, it’s important the words stand for something.

“There’s a reason why the big brewers of the world are big. Their beers might be boring but they make good beer, consistently and quality, and it might not be for you and might not be your style or flavour but you can never criticise them on quality. For us to grow as a category everyone needs to pull their socks up, us included.”


And that’s it folks!

Endless thanks to Jasper and Sarah, from Memorable Drinks, for spending brunch with me and my constant questions. I loved talking beer with you guys!!

2 thoughts on “Chatting with Jasper, Camden Town Brewery // Part 4”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to get create a great read, I thoroughly enjoyed each part.

    Very nice to get an insight into the opinions of a brewer, rather than just seeing the promos, adverts and into that’s made for the media.

    I’m fortunate enough to live just outside North London, so I think I’ll spend this Saturday (18th July) at the brewery at their 5th birthday party!

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