girl + The Standard

I knew that The Standard was on Roe Street, Northbridge but that didn’t stop me from driving past it and not realising it was there. The white facing is quite understated, from the street you may not realise there is a lovely bar ready to serve you some tasty drinks and great outdoor area perfect for summer afternoons.

The Standard – 28 Roe Street, Northbridge

After hearing several glowing reviews of the food at The Standard I was delighted to be able to finally try it for myself earlier this month.

As someone who prefers beer over any other alcoholic drink 98% of the time, there tends to be a little pause for concern when visiting a bar or restaurant for the first time. Questions race through my head like a bad Rocky montage – Will they have any local beers? Will they be reasonably priced? Will they have the ‘usual suspects’ of international imports – I’m looking at you Heineken, Stella, Corona, Peroni, Asahi and will they even have their beers listed on the menu?

On my visit to The Standard the answers to the above questions were yes, yes, no and yes.

Local breweries are represented by Eagle Bay Brewing with their English style Mild Ale and Feral Brewing with their flagship Hop Hog. Well known east coast brewers 4 Pines, Stone & Wood and Mountain Goat also make appearances. Representing international, in lieu of your bulk standard Heineken clones, are great beers like Camden Hells Lager (UK) and Anchor Steam Ale (US). The vast majority of beers are not priced more than $10 which is nice to see too.

The Standard - Beer Menu - Jan 2015

I had to chose carefully since I was driving so I opted for a Camden Gentlemen’s Wit (UK) to have with lunch. In the words of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I chose wisely. We had a selection of dishes from the menu including chicken parfait, pork croquettes, lamb belly and 36 hour pork. The Gentlemen’s Wit was a great all-rounder sort of beer in this scenario, cutting through the croquettes and the lamb belly and complementing the pork. The lamb belly came with a sweet and sour eggplant, grapefruit and coriander salad that was a great mate to the wit beer, the beer cooling the chilli in the salad and making the coriander more pronounced.

The Standard - Camden Gentlemen's Wit

Then it came time for desserts and I couldn’t resist getting the Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries, dehydrated raspberries and house made lemonade. I had seen the dish on the wonderful food blog Perth Munchkin and there was no way I was leaving without trying it!

 Vanilla panna cotta at The StandardThe Chef at The Standard serves this dessert at your table with house made lemonade. Left is the horseradish crumble – not hugely spicy – and on the right is strawberry liqueur

There’s a lot happening in this with dominant sweetness from the fresh strawberries and dehydrated raspberries then a little lemon tartness from the house made lemonade – think real lemons not Sprite – and creamy but light panna cotta, a side of horseradish crumb and a strawberry liqueur. My gut reaction was to have a porter to play the chocolate and dark malts against the overall sweetness of the dessert however with no dark beers on the menu I went with a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. I was hoping to throw the beers passionfruit and tropical fruit into the mix, maybe act as a little palate cleanser by cutting through the panna cotta which it kinda did but I think overall was a little beaten by the desserts big sweet flavours.

For those who enjoy a beer as much as I do the beer list at The Standard may not blow your mind but it will give you a handful of great Australian beers to choose from alongside a couple of recognisable internationals. It’s a beer list that shows someone actually gave a damn when they put it together. Combined with a fantastic food menu, nice fit out and excellent service, I’ll be back here soon to re-order the lamb belly and sip on a few local beers.

The Standard



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