girl+beer @ Frisk Small Bar

Frisk Small Bar is a gin bar, there are lots and lots of gins. There is also lots of pretty good beer too.

If you haven’t been to Frisk Small Bar yet it’s on Francis Street in Northbridge, not far from where the old Taipan Room nightclub used to be (for those old enough and not ashamed to remember).

Frisk is a gin speciality bar that doesn’t shy away from good beers and in the spirit of good beers I was delighted to be asked by the crew at Frisk to collaborate on their new beer menu. Every month or so, depending on how fast the beers are enjoyed, there will be three featured beers on the menu hand picked by yours truly around a particular theme.

Frisk Small Bar

November’s locally themed feature beers

For the “beer curious” there will be something that I hope will light the beery love on your palate, then for the “beer lover” maybe something of a classic, maybe something new but definitely something tasty. Then for the “beer geek” something extra special.

Frisk Small Bar

These are the latest beers on the menu, though I have been told they are selling fast, and they are all beers which have been recently released, or re-released in the case of Bootleg’s The Coconut One – a hefeweizen with toasted coconut.

Be sure to get into Frisk and see what beers are kicking around and if there’s anything you’d like to see on the menu please comment below!

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