Weekend Reading #23

This week featuring a couple of articles on Cricketer’s Arms, a word on beer education and the dispute on beer contracts happening here and now

I love lounging in bed on weekends and catching up on all my favourite beery reading. From blogs to articles from the American craft beer scene and the best local beer news, there’s excellent reading material out there so every Friday I’m posting a list of the articles and blogs that have excited me.

Straight | Craft Beer Education Classes Make Learning Fun in Vancouver

There isn’t anything particularly surprisingly or revolutionary here but I just liked reading this article because it makes me smile to see the craft beer bug spreading.

Hospitality Magazine | Hospitality Staff in Need of Craft Beer Training

I agree with the headline but I don’t like the comparison to wine –

“You could technically say craft beer is like wine and it’s going to become more like wine as you go and we get different classifications and different levels.”

Craft beer isn’t wine, it’s not even close to wine and it’s not where, in my opinion, where we want to be as an industry. I understand comparing things to help people understand, give them something familiar but please don’t use wine. For me, as soon as you compare, you’re already starting on the wrong foot in presenting craft beer in the right light.

It’s also interesting to see what Cricket’s Arms will do, how it will be received, as a brand owned by Asahi.

Crafty Pint | Clean Bowled

More on Cricketer’s Arms that gives a much better idea of what the brand is about beyond merely who owns it.

“… clearly, there are plenty out there that rate the equipment and skills of the brewers”

ABC News | Craft beer brewers ask for action in fair trade dispute

I have never understood how CUB and Lion have been allowed to present contracts to customers that claim 100% share of beer. This is a really interesting read/listen (video available) and I’ll be very curious to see what comes from this.

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