WA Beer Week Preview: Old Faithful goes Feral

WA Beer Week 25 Oct – 2 Nov
Here’s a sneak peek into one of the 60+ events – Old Faithful Goes Feral. For those who love meat and beer!

What is the event about?

Meat. Beer. Fun. I think that pretty well sums things up!

When is it?

Wednesday 29th October at 6pm

Where is it?

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, 86 King Street, Perth

How much for tickets and where can I get my grubby mits on them?

Tickets are $80 but sadly as today this event has SOLD OUT! Best make sure you get your hands on tickets to other events before they sell out too!

Tell me more!

Recently I caught up with TJ, owner of Old Faithful, to discuss meats, beers and WA Beer Week

What goes into the smoking process for your meats?

Most of our meats journey starts 36 hours before hitting your plate. The first step is the brining process and depending on what cut of meat will depend on the brine we use for it. Anything from Coke and Dr Pepper to simple salt water and spices to porter and stout beers. Next is the smoking, we smoke low and slow meaning the meat is smoked at a low temperature for a long period of time, say 14-20 hours. The last step is just a simple cook with out smoke allowing for the true flavour of the meet to express itself without it tasting to smokey. Its all about finding the right balance between the smoke flavour with the meat flavour.

Why do you think American BBQ and beer go so well together?

Truly a match made in heaven. Styles like IPA, porters, pale ale not only quench your thirst after biting into a salty, sweet, smoky piece of meat but add another layer of flavour through floral aromas, citrus and fruity notes and dry bitter finishes that really clean the fat off the palate making way for another mouthful. Also at the end of the day it’s MEAT and BEER (enough said)

Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful
Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful

What would be your favourite beer and good combo on your regular menu?

It’s gotta be the Pig Middles (belly) and/or Chicken Wings with a tall glass of cold Feral Hop Hog

What can people expect from Old Faithful goes Feral?

Long tables, 3 course’s of fun, no bullshit food matched up with 6 of Feral’s finest selected ales

Will there be any special / limited release Feral beers on the menu that night?

Cant give away these secrets but I’m sure people attending won’t be disappointed with the beer selection for the night.

What is it about Feral beers that made you want to do this event?

At Old Faithful we are big supporters of Feral Brewery, we showcase a lot of their beers on our taps. We love the fact that they are local business driven by passion to create quality product and that they actually deliver the goods. Western Australia should be proud.

Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful
Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful

Any hints on what chef Gordon will be serving up?

Think smoked mussels and prawns, smoked suckling pigs and beef bone marrows. Big bold flavours are key to this dinner, nothing delicate and complicated just in your face flavoursome food. 

What are your favourite WA brews?

Feral Hop Hog is my favourite beer in Australia for a while now. I also keep a keen eye on Nail Brewery as Dan and his team come up with some pretty delicious ales.
Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful
Photo Courtesy of Old Faithful

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