No beer at Robbie Williams

I didn’t think I would have ever expected to be writing a blog post on Robbie Williams, much less be using his name for the post title.

The reason for this strange turn of events is because I happened to see Robbie Williams live at Perth Arena last week during his Swings Both Ways Tour.

It was a last minute thing and whilst I’m not exactly a huge fan I certainly thought it would a great show.

I had been enjoying the official opening of Northbridge Brewing Co. when I got the phone call …

“Do you want to see Robbie Williams?”

“Hell yeah”

“Cool, you need to be here fast”

“Ah …. ”

And so I made my departure from brewery to arrive at the arena after a brisk ten minute walk.

Northbridge Brewing Co official opening that I was lucky enough to be invited along to - Thank you NBC!
Northbridge Brewing Co official opening that I was lucky enough to be invited along to – Thank you NBC!

Robbie Williams is a fantastic entertainer and surprisingly funny, like referring to himself as a “fat Justin Bieber” and I had a smile on my face for the whole show. I didn’t, however, have a single beer for the whole show. The reasons for this were a) I didn’t feel like lining up with the rest of the female population of Perth to use the bathroom and b) the uninspiring nature of the beer available.

I think we were close enough to the action ...
I think we were close enough to the action …

The last time my partner and I were at the Arena was for Queens of the Stone Age & Nine Inch Nails where we had plastic cups of Hahn Super Dry. Oh so rock n roll.

Our post-Robbie Williams dinner was at Grill’d on Murray Street where we sat down to a couple of burgers and two of our absolute favourite Australian beers – Feral Hop Hog and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. Whilst this is great I couldn’t help but think it was a shame we couldn’t have enjoyed the same local brews at our own Perth Arena; especially given how many local breweries we have in the state let alone if we extend the idea of “local” out to the rest of the country. Of course I get why, I know I’m probably not part of a huge portion of the Robbie Williams crowd who would have killed a glass of Bootleg Speakeasy IPA or Colonial Small Ale but wouldn’t be nice to have some kind of local beer on offer?

Chicken burger at Grill'd
Chicken burger at Grill’d

I feel like having great Australian craft beers fits perfectly at Grill’d, it reflects my perception of them as a venue that is concerned with supporting local companies, where quality is more important than dollar margins and from this I conclude that I’m going to get food with the same qualities. Grill’d embrace the point that so many places time and time again fail miserably to show the slightest bIt of attention to – the beers on your list are just as much a reflection of your venue as your wine list, your food options, the music you play and the way you decorate. Having a list entirely made up of mass produced lagers is like having a wine list of only New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or playing R&B despite being an Irish pub – it doesn’t fit and it tells people you didn’t care enough to think about it.

In short (because I have rambled) when I go to the Perth Arena to see an amazing concert, an act with international fame of unmeasurable proportions, inside a structure that has been designed and built to be a drawcard and icon for our city and I look down at my cup of boring … Well, I love you Perth Arena but why does it feel like no one cares about the beer?

Feral Hop Hog and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale at Grill'd Murray Street, Perth

Feral Hop Hog and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale at Grill’d Murray Street, Perth

6 thoughts

  1. I’d be more a QOTSA fan myself as well, but I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I’m simply not going to get decent beer at any big gigs…

  2. Loved how you had to qualify “It was a last minute thing…” 😛
    I know what you mean about beer offerings at arenas though, I had a bit of a rant about it myself recently. I guess one problem is though the crazy markup on food and drinks at any arena or sporting venue. They’re already charging craft beer prices for a schooner of macro lager, so what would that make a bottle of Hop Hog?!

    1. Haha! I felt a little bad because I left the Northbridge Brewing Co opening a little early in order to get to the concert!

      Totally agree on the pricing thing, I guess that’s a while other debate/grumble too. Just such a shame …

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