Weekend Reading #14

I love lounging in bed on weekends and catching up on all my favourite beery reading. From blogs to articles from the American craft beer scene and the best local beer news, there’s excellent reading material out there so every Friday I’m posting a list of the articles and blogs that have excited me.

Good Beer Hunting | Episode 20 – Keith Villa of Blue Moon Brewing Co. [PODCAST]

This is 76 minutes of great story telling. The interview is casual enough that it feels like you’re in a room with old friends but not so casual that you don’t understand any of the jokes. It’s also structured enough to make sure there is an actual story being told but not so much that it’s painful to listen to.

Literally Coors didn’t know what to do with me”

Keith Villa, Blue Moon Brewing

Regardless of your feelings for what defines craft beer, wherever you believe the boundaries are, this interview is a fantastic listen. Not only is it the story of Blue Moon and Keith’s own personal journey but it is an interesting insight into the early growth of craft beer in the US.

“We were doing extreme beers before there was a name for it,”

Keith Villa, Blue Moon Brewing

Business Review Weekly | Meet BeerBud, the online marketplace for craft beer

It’s on-line craft beer shopping but it kinda takes away what I love about my craft beer shopping. I like asking the staff what they’ve been drinking, what’s new and what’s been flying off the shelves. I like grabbing more beers than I can carry.

BeerBuds website

Of course the idea of beer delivered to my door is equally appealing, especially if the price is right.

Beer shopping is always delightfully good fun!
Beer shopping is always delightfully good fun!

TribLIVE | Bartenders are discovering some inventive ways to use craft brews

I am working through some emotions, emotions relating to the idea of beer cocktails. It is something I’ve been seeing rising up slowly and I’m interested to see where it goes. This article quotes a few bartenders and I certainly like the idea of a beer viewed as another flavour ingredient, bringing something more to the drink.

I experienced more confused emotion as I read the following:

“Women are often the core market for beer cocktails, because they have a lighter alcohol content, are fruitier and not heavy”

Brewbound | $1.9 Million and Counting: How Stone Brewed up the Largest Brewery Crowdfunding Campaign Ever

The whole crowd funding thing is interesting, particularly when the person/people doing the funding are perceived to be able to easily fund the project themselves. It makes you wonder, if you crowd sourced raising money for charity how far would you get?

This campaign for the building of a Stone Brewery (US) in Berlin appears to have gotten off on the wrong foot, upset a few folk and then turn it around into, well, I think the headline sums it up nicely.

“The chief complaint was that Stone, the country’s tenth largest craft brewery, shouldn’t be asking customers to help finance expansion”

Serious Eats | Ask a Cicerone: How to Pair Beer and Chocolate

I found this article from February this year when I was drinking the Eagle Bay Cacao Stout and doing a little research.

I love the idea of a smokey rauch beer with chocolate as it’s not something I would have given great consideration to. Trying to get more sour beers in my life, this article has encouraged me to increase my chocolate consumption too. Win!

food by beersine: Bahen & Co Chocolate Mousse with hazelnuts
food by beersine: Bahen & Co Chocolate Mousse with hazelnuts at SouWest Smackdown

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