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What do you get when you have lemon pepper and rosemary popcorn, pellets of Cascade hops and a chilli sauce eating contest? A beer quiz of course!

The Precinct – open 7 days at 834 Albany Highway – FacebookTwitter

Last week Mane Liquor hosted a beer quiz night was at the fabulous venue The Precinct in East Victoria Park. Our quiz masters for the evening were Elliot and Josh from Mane Liquor alongside Josh from The Precinct.

How it worked …

Eight questions per round over six rounds with delicious tapas-style food served in between. Our hosts had devised two sets of questions each to test our beer knowledge. There was also a bonus question each round, five of these were a blind beer tasting and one was a ‘guess that hop’.

highlights …

That suit. It goes without saying that Josh, from The Precinct, rocked an amazing suit that cannot go unmentioned. I think I heard a Ron Burgundy reference and together with the photo hopefully this conveys the awesomeness of this suit.

L-R: Elliot (Mane), Josh (Precinct), Josh (Mane) and Roxy (Bridge Road Brewery)
L-R: Elliot (Mane), Josh (Precinct), Josh (Mane) and Roxy (Bridge Road Brewery)

Lemon pepper and rosemary popcorn. Seriously. This is stupidly delicious and I’ll never look at popcorn the same way again. Damn you Precinct, you’ve ruined me for regular popcorn. Green pepper meatballs with tomato sugo were also killer.

Lemon Pepper & Rosemary Popcorn
Lemon Pepper & Rosemary Popcorn
No phones during rounds so this is a photo of the Roasted Potatoes and Green Pepper Meatballs AFTER we were done with them
No phones during rounds so this is a photo of the Roasted Potatoes and Green Pepper Meatballs AFTER we were done with them. In case you’re wondering, they were delicious.

Brilliant questions! They ranged from local brewing knowledge such as “under which city pub did John Stallwood of Nail Brewing set up his brewery?”* and “what two Eagle Bay Brewing beers are not available in bottles?”** Other questions put uber beer nerds to the test with brain teasers like “where did hops originate?”*** and “what is the name of the limited release Belgian blonde style beer that was packaged in bottles inside taxidermied animals?”^ Then there were some questions that were downright cheeky – “who won the 1984 VFL Grand Final?”^^ and “what is the exact street address of Mane Liquor?”^^^

Bonus questions. Five of the six bonus questions were a blind tasting of mystery beers poured from bottles wrapped heavily in brown paper bags and enough sticky tape to deter even the most determined of kids on Christmas Eve. Two people from each table took part in a series of knock out questions such as “is this beer from America or Belgium?” which continued until there was a winner. I was proud of myself for guessing one of the beers (but let myself down in the knock out questions by not knowing anything about the yeast it’s made with!) and the ‘guess the hops’ round which I have Little Creatures to thank for that, I’ve smushed a lot of Cascade hops in my hands in my years.

Smell-o-vision should be employed at times like this - Cascade hop pellets
Smell-o-vision should be employed at times like this – Cascade hop pellets

4 pack beer holders on the table to put mobile phones in to ensure no Google cheating … brilliant idea!

Mobile phone quarantine area
Mobile phone quarantine area


Our table Chocolate Chimpanzees (a mix of the two beer packs on our table – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Moon Dog with an image of a chimpanzee on it) came a close second to Homebrewed Heroes who pipped us by two points. If only I hadn’t forgotten Rochefort was a Trappist brewery and Evil Twin was a gypsy brewer!

The final scores
The Final Scores of the Beer Quiz Night
Love the scoreboard!
How good is this scoreboard!?

We didn’t go home empty handed though – this stunning beer from Liberty Brewing Co. and a bag of Fiori coffee was the cherry on top of an excellent night out!

Liberty Brewing Darkest Days & Fiori Coffee
Liberty Brewing Darkest Days & Fiori Coffee

My partner and I also got to meet a bunch of great folk on our team, two of whom participated (and won) in the chilli eating contest at the end of the night.

All in all, a freakin’ brilliant night and hopefully they will host another one soon.

Chilli sauce eating contest
Five brave souls participating in the chilli sauce eating contest

*Bobby Dazzlers, now The Boheme

**Eagle Bay ESB and Eagle Bay Vienna Lager


^The End of Days by Brewdog

^^Essendon Bombers

^^^237 Great Eastern Highway

7 thoughts

  1. Damn, that looks awesome! I really wanted to go but had a prior engagement
    Exact street address of Mane – I’m there at least twice a week and I would have failed that! haha

    1. I reckon they will do another 🙂 This one sold out in a week!

      Yeah the address got me too … Until I realised just how many receipts from Mane I had in my purse :p now I’ll never forget!

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